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Fish Feed Machine Price Animal Feed Making Machine Fish Shrimp Pellet Mill Machine Fish Feed Machine Price Animal Feed Making Machine Fish Shrimp Pellet Mill Machine Fish Feed Machine Price Animal Feed Making Machine Fish Shrimp Pellet Mill Machine Fish Feed Machine Price Animal Feed Making Machine Fish Shrimp Pellet Mill Machine

Fish Feed Machine Price Animal Feed Making Machine Fish Shrimp Pellet Mill Machine

Brief Introduction:    The machine is equipped with high-quality molds and rollers, and has advanced technology. The transmission system adopts double-motor...

Fish Feed Machine Price Animal Feed Making Machine Fish Shrimp Pellet Mill Machine Description

Brief Introduction:

   The machine is equipped with high-quality molds and rollers, and has advanced technology. The transmission system adopts double-motor V-belt, which occupies small space, has uniform force, simple structure and convenient operation.Users can replace motors and molds to meet the needs of different production capacities and specifications, so as to obtain ideal technical and economic effects.

Working Principle:
With the principle of circular motion, the template and the press wheel are treated with high quality alloy steel through special treatment. The spindle and the flat die are driven by the friction force to drive the roller to rotate. The material is gelatinized at high temperature between the pressure wheel and the template, the protein is solidified and denatured, and the particles are sent out of the machine by the press wheel. The incision can adjust the length of the particle.
The driving force of this animal feed pellet mill has 4 options for you: electric engine, diesel engine, gasoline engine and PTO (power-taken-off) type. They can process almost all kinds of raw materials for feed manufacturing, such as grain, oil-cakes and grass. What's more, you can make feed pellets with different length and diameter by simply changing different size of pelletizing die in the poultry feed pellet mill.


Q:Are you a manufacturer or a trading company?
A:We are a professional manufacturer of food & feed extrusion machine.

Q:What's your payment terms ?
A:The general one is 30% as deposit, and then the balanced money is paid before delivery. But we could also accept L/C.

Q:How long is your delivery time?
A:Generally it is 5-10 days if the goods are in stock. or it is 20-35 days if the goods are not in stock, we could discuss before contract.

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Fish Feed Machine Price Animal Feed Making Machine Fish Shrimp Pellet Mill Machine Project Price List

Product QuantityMin Price ($)Max Price ($)
Fully Automatic Factory Supply Pet Dog Food Floating Fish Feed Making Machine Price 1 Set US96US53
with a Very Good Price Different Sizes Floating Pelleted Fish Feed Making Machine 1 Set US46US05
Poultry Farm Pet Food Feed Pellet Floating Fish Making Machine Price 1 Set US88US71
Automatic Twin Screw Fish Feed Pellet Making Machine Price 1 Set US09US82
Floating Fish Food Pellet Processing Making Extruder Price Fish Feed Machine 1 Set US87US67
Mini Pellet Making Machine Fish Feed Pellet Machine Price 1 Set US37US00
Floating Fish Feed Extruder Fish Food Pellet Making Machine Price 1 Set US77US03


Fish Feed Machine Price Animal Feed Making Machine Fish Shrimp Pellet Mill Machine Part Parameters

No.DdBCWeightMinimum Buy QuantityInventory
22264 K580 mm320 mm150 mm3528 kN175 Kg - -
HB65 /S/NS 7CE390 mm65 mm13 mm9,95 kN0,2 Kg - -
NU2264-EX-M1580 mm320 mm150 mm3150 kN180 Kg - -
P3U2M25N1.359 Inch | 34.53 Millimeter0.984 Inch | 25 Millimeter1.437 Inch | 36.5 Millimeter - 0.86N/A0.0
QMC15J300SEB3.62 Inch | 91.948 Millimeter3 Inch | 76.2 Millimeter - - 9.988N/A0.0
T6314-2RS C3 - - - - 0.23N/A28.0
6203LLAX29-N1CM13V4701.575 Inch | 40 Millimeter0.669 Inch | 17 Millimeter - - 0.067N/A0.0
FF1304011-3/4 in1 in - - - - -
93825V - J93129A319.999 mm209.550 mm63.5 mm - - - -
9216-up140.0000 mm80.000 mm26.00 mm - - - -
UCIP210-31 - 49,2125 mm51,6 mm - - - -
6010-2RS80 mm50 mm16 mm16 mm - - -
670221 mm15 mm4 mm4 mm - - -


Replacement Bearing of fish feed making machine price Data List

No.dDBCWeightMinimum Buy QuantityInventory
1215K75 mm130 mm25 mm39 kN1,35 Kg - -
241/630 K30 CW33630 mm1030 mm400 mm11600 kN1310 Kg - -
S6977 mm17 mm5 mm1,605 kN - - -
QAFY11A055SC2.165 Inch | 55 Millimeter3.125 Inch | 79.38 Millimeter - - 6.81N/A0.0
SB 22320 C4 W333.937 Inch | 100 Millimeter8.465 Inch | 215 Millimeter2.874 Inch | 73 Millimeter - 12.894N/A0.0
UCTB207-20C4HR51.25 Inch | 31.75 Millimeter1.689 Inch | 42.9 Millimeter1.875 Inch | 47.63 Millimeter - 1.462N/A0.0
EMP-23T1.438 Inch | 36.525 Millimeter1.688 Inch | 42.87 Millimeter2.125 Inch | 53.98 Millimeter - 3.223N/A0.0
NU1022-K-M1-P51NA-T23A - - - - 2.2N/A0.0
F4B 104S-TF1.2500 in - - - - - -
HSS7005-C-T-P4S-DUL25 mm47 mm12 mm - - - -
M1422-207/8 in1-3/8 in - - - - -
M2432-401-1/2 in2 in - - - - -
JHM33449/1024 mm55 mm25 mm21 mm - - -
6799 mm14 mm3 mm3 mm - - -


What is fish feed extruder?

  • 1、Stephen Goddard · 2012 · ‎ScienceThe gelatinization of starch during extrusion, results in a more effectively bound, and hence more water stable pellet, than can be manufactured by steam ...
  • 2、Nov 8, 2021 — Fish feed extruder machine belongs to feed pelletizing equipment. It is a feed processing machine that directly compresses the pellets of ...
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What are the benefits of pellets in capsule technology?

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  • 5、by P Abhishek · 2012 — oral dosage forms today include tablets, capsules, granules and pellets. ... Sustained release technologies can improve the therapeutic efficacy and safety.
  • 6、INTRODUCTION · Pellets prevent from dose dumping and cause lesser side effects when prepared in sustained release form. · They disperse freely in gastric ...

How does feed pellet machine work?

  • 1、Not all feed mills, of course, are equipped to pellet feeds. In ... This machine is usually located on the ground or main work floor level. The.33 pages
  • 2、We Manufacture And Supply The Most Efficient Feed Pellet Mill For Your Cattle, ... They can provide you professional and patient guidance to operate the ...
  • 3、Pellet Mill Working Principles: Raw material is placed into the feeding hopper, which. leads to the pellet mill head, where the rollers and die are located.
  • 4、Jun 13, 2014 — Electric pellet mill for making poultry feed and wood pellets,its flat ... tmill is imple to operate and clean, only 1 or 2 workers are OK.
  • 5、Aug 28, 2019 — We always say how the feed pellet machine should work properly, etc., all about the problem of the feed pellet machine.
  • 6、by S Rasyid · 2018 · Cited by 2 — The pellet machine for fish feed with centrifugal system has been developed by [3, 4]. The working principle of this machine is the dough feed ingredients are ...

How do you make stock feeds?

  • 1、A convenient, value-priced 12% sweet feed for use with horses and other livestock. Stock and Stable® 12% Sweet Multi-Species Feed offers basic nutrition for ...
  • 2、By-products from both the wet and dry corn milling industries make excellent and economical feeds in balanced rations for both dairy and beef cattle.
  • 3、Witmer manufactures stock feeds for a wide variety of different species and ... Animals benefit from this consistency as every batch of feed is made from ...
  • 4、Monitor stock performance to make sure the feeding regime is right for the system. U Milk record ... and bought-in feeds with animal production requirements.
  • 5、As part of the Alltech® family since 2015, Hubbard Feeds has a long history of providing research-based nutrition products and innovative support services.
  • 6、Get your Agrimaster 50 lb All Stock Multi-Purpose Feed - 2208 at Blain's Farm ... Agrimaster All Stock feed is ideal for horses, sheep, beef cattle, goats, ...

What is the difference between extruded and pelleted feed?

  • 1、make feeds different. The feed tag ... Pelleting and extruding are two methods of processing ... Pelleted feeds help ensure a nutrient-balanced feed by.4 pages
  • 2、Feb 12, 2015 — The bottom line, while a pellet mill is mainly utilized to shape or produce a pellet, an extruder has many functions and shaping is only one of ...
  • 3、Jan 9, 2020 — The maturity of the extruded material is very high, which is good for digestion and absorption. In popular terms, the extruder makes floating ...
  • 4、by HB Xu · 2017 · Cited by 9 — Extruded and pelleted feeds were fed with different amounts (100, 90, 80, and 70% of satiation) to channel catfish (42 g initial weight) and the effects on ...
  • 5、by J Stanivuk · 2018 — Productional and financial differences between carp fingerling fed with extruded and pelleted feed [2018]. Jelena Stanivuk (Faculty of Agriculture, ...
  • 6、What is the difference between pellets and textured feed? — Pelleted feed is, as the name suggests, feed that comes in the form of a pellet, ...

How does a feed extruder work?

  • 1、Wet type fish feed extruder works with a boiler which could continuously provide hot steam to the conditioning part of the extruder. It could produce different ...
  • 2、What is an extruder and how does it work? An extruder is simply the machine used to complete the extrusion process. · How does food extrusion work? · What is the ...
  • 3、Sep 27, 2017 — In the process, it passes a feed-in sleeve (2) which prevents the rod from twisting. Once inside the screw, a knife (3) cuts the welding rod ...
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  • 5、If you're wondering what goes into PVC extrusion or just looking to get a basic understanding of how a plastic pipe extrusion machine works, this guide is ...
  • 6、Jul 10, 2018 — Its main working principle is that the mechanical energy is converted into heat energy, and the food is squeezed and cooked by the heat ...Installed capacity: 34.75 kVAConsumption Power: 18 kW

What is the difference between pelleting and extrusion?

  • 1、Jul 1, 2015 — The design of a strand pelletizer is elegantly simple, given its function. A pair of feed rolls draw the strands from the extrusion die and then ...
  • 2、Jul 11, 2016 — Stein and his team tested effects of extrusion, pelleting, ... digestibility in diets containing different levels of fibre and fed to ...
  • 3、Optimization of extrusion process for production of nutritious pellets ... value of snacks by means of incorporating protein from different sources.
  • 4、by O Muñoz · Cited by 2 — In the case of the extruded feed this contribution is significantly lower and therefore lower mortality. Economical comparison between extrusion and pelleting ...18 pages
  • 5、Shrimp feed can be produced either by pelleting or extrusion, and each of these ... comparison to help processors determine the best course of action for ...
  • 6、Jul 31, 2019 — The final product is a feed that has the consistency of dry dog food. The extruded horse feed is less dense than a pellet, and may weigh as ...

How do you make cattle feed?

  • 1、Because of this, most farmers and feed manufacturers make it a priority to find ways of boosting nutritional intake and quality of nutrition for cows
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  • 6、Rumen modifiers increase feed efficiency; that is, cattle get added benefit from ... The 8% urea content is designed to regulate intake by making the mixture quite 




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