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Poultry Farm Pet Food Feed Pellet Floating Fish Making Machine Price Poultry Farm Pet Food Feed Pellet Floating Fish Making Machine Price Poultry Farm Pet Food Feed Pellet Floating Fish Making Machine Price Poultry Farm Pet Food Feed Pellet Floating Fish Making Machine Price

Poultry Farm Pet Food Feed Pellet Floating Fish Making Machine Price

Description:      Fish feed extruder,also called fish feed pellet mill,is widely used for producing variety materials into high-grade aquctic feed...

Poultry Farm Pet Food Feed Pellet Floating Fish Making Machine Price Description


     Fish feed extruder,also called fish feed pellet mill,is widely used for producing variety materials into high-grade aquctic feed pellets for fish,catfish,shrimps,crab etc.The final feed pellets have unique shape and good taste,high nutrition and smooth textures.For feeds of fish and shrimp,the floating time no water surface can be adjusted by the extrusion degree adjustment when extruding the pellets.Currently,floating fish feed extruder has become an ideal for small and medium fish farm(catfish,tilapia,shrimp etc.)

Main Features:

1). All fish food equipments are made of stainless steel.
2). The fish food whole line fully continuous and automatic.
3). Dingrun provide basic fish food formula according to your require.
4). The final fish food shapes and sizes can be various by changing the mould.
5). Supply different size mould free of charge.
6). Packing machine could be supplied to work with the fish feed production line (depending on your require).

Our Service:
1. Free consultation service before, during, and after sales;
2. Free Project planning and design services upon clients' special demands;
3. Debugging and inspecting of equipment until everything is functional before leaving the factory;
4. Overseas installation and training of equipment maintenance and operating personally;
5. Provide basic production techniques and formulas;
6. 1 year complete warranty for Pet Food Machine.

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Poultry Farm Pet Food Feed Pellet Floating Fish Making Machine Price Project Price List

Product QuantityMin Price ($)Max Price ($)
Floating Fish Feed Extruder Fish Food Pellet Making Machine Price 1 Set US68US68
Fish Feed Machine Price Animal Feed Making Machine Fish Shrimp Pellet Mill Machine 1 Set US30US77
Pet Food Fish Poultry Feed Pellet Making Fish Feed Machine Price 1 Set US61US70
with a Very Good Price Different Sizes Floating Pelleted Fish Feed Making Machine 1 Set US81US93
Floating Fish Food Pellet Processing Making Extruder Price Fish Feed Machine 1 Set US02US62
Fully Automatic Factory Supply Pet Dog Food Floating Fish Feed Making Machine Price 1 Set US31US10
Automatic Twin Screw Fish Feed Pellet Making Machine Price 1 Set US29US41
Mini Pellet Making Machine Fish Feed Pellet Machine Price 1 Set US08US94


Poultry Farm Pet Food Feed Pellet Floating Fish Making Machine Price Part Parameters

No.dDBMinimum Buy QuantityInventoryEANWeight
NU232EG1C3160 mm290 mm48 mmN/A0.04547359144369 -
QM608KITSM - - - N/A0.0088345039860254.885
MW-M8 - - - N/A0.0 - -
VRW324C - - - N/A0.0 - 0
SF-24T DRT1.5 Inch | 38.1 Millimeter1.938 Inch | 49.225 Millimeter - N/A0.006624613269612.633
EPB22539FE2.4375 in6-15/16 to 8-3/4 in4-3/8 in - - - -
NCF 30/560 V560 mm820 mm195 mm - - - -
7334CDB FY170360144 - - - -
P2B-DLBEZ-40M-PCR-NL 40.0000 mm - - - - - -
338K190 mm400 mm78 mm - - - -
5584/553563,5 mm122,238 mm43,764 mm - - - -


Replacement Bearing of fish feed making machine price Data List

No.dDBDiametro esternoCDimensioneDiametro del foro
N334-E-TB-M1170 mm360 mm72 mm - - - -
6309LLUC3/L683QH45 mm100 mm25 mm - - - -
UCFL.21155 mm - 55.6 mm - 43.55 kN - -
SLF20824 - - - - - - -
222RDU-BKE110 mm200 mm38 mm - - - -
UKFCX08E1D1K235 - - - - - -
NJ319EM - - - - - - -
EC-209-X - - - - - - -
QJ234170 mm310 mm - 31052 mm170x310x52170
5S-7005UCG/GNP4225 mm47 mm12 mm4712 mm25x47x1225
6203ZNR17,000 mm40,000 mm12,000 mm1.575 Inch | 40 Millimeter12,000 mm17x40x1217,000
4T-443/43231.75 mm95,25 mm29,9 mm95,2522,225 mm31.75x95.25x27.78331.75
676AZZ6 mm10 mm3 mm103 mm6x10x36


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