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Floating Fish Food Processing Line / Catfish Feed Pellet Making Extruder Machine Corn Snack Double Screw Pellet Extruder Plant Price Floating Fish Food Processing Line / Catfish Feed Pellet Making Extruder Machine Corn Snack Double Screw Pellet Extruder Plant Price Floating Fish Food Processing Line / Catfish Feed Pellet Making Extruder Machine Corn Snack Double Screw Pellet Extruder Plant Price

Floating Fish Food Processing Line / Catfish Feed Pellet Making Extruder Machine Corn Snack Double Screw Pellet Extruder Plant Price

Basic Info:     This Fish Feed Pellet Making Machine can up to the high output 1.2-1.5T to meet the customers expectation. The Floating Fish Feed Pellet...
  • Stainless Steel
  • 50*5.*6.0
  • Siemens Brand China Brand
  • Delta Brand
  • Floating Types
  • LG, FUJI, Omron etc
  • 400-500kg/H
  • Fish Food Processing Line
  • 1.0-10mm
  • 380V 50Hz Three Phase
  • Jinan Datong Machinery Company
  • Woodcase
  • BV SGS
  • Jinan
  • 84349000

fish feed pellet making machine Details

Material:Stainless Steel Line Size:50*5.*6.0
Motor Brand:Siemens Brand China Brand Inverter:Delta Brand
Fish Food Types:Floating Types Electric Parts:LG, FUJI, Omron etc
Capcity:400-500kg/H Product Name:Fish Food Processing Line
Fish Food Size:1.0-10mm Working Industrial Voltage:380V 50Hz Three Phase
Trademark:Jinan Datong Machinery Company Transport Package:Woodcase
Specification:BV SGS Origin:Jinan
HS Code:84349000

Floating Fish Food Processing Line / Catfish Feed Pellet Making Extruder Machine Corn Snack Double Screw Pellet Extruder Plant Price Description

Basic Info:

    This Fish Feed Pellet Making Machine can up to the high output 1.2-1.5T to meet the customers expectation. The Floating Fish Feed Pellet Making Machine have the modulator which can increase the yeild compare with the same model extruder. The products will be repining, then puffing that the effect of products is more excellent.

Product Advantages:

A. Alloy (38CrMoAL) screw made by nitriding process, high strength and wear-resting.
B. Gearbox with automatic lubrication function, extending gear life. 
C. Self-cleaning ability, no need to discharge or clean the barrel and screw when roasting or replacing of materials. 
D. Production line is full automatic, only need 1-2 persons to operate.
E. For the fish food capacity, we have small capacity and large capacity for your reference. You can choose the capacity according to your budget.
F. Customized voltage, we can produce the machines according to your country voltage, such as 220V, 415V, 400V etc.


Q. Are you a factory or a trading company ?
A: We are a professional manufacturing factory with trading department.

Q.How long for delivery? 
A:Estimated about 30-50 days.

Q.How long is the warranty of the feed pellet plant ? 
A:Two Years warranty and comprehensive after-sales service.

Customer Cases For Floating Fish Food Processing Line / Catfish Feed Pellet Making Extruder Machine Corn Snack Double Screw Pellet Extruder Plant Price For Factory In 2021

1Animal Aquarium Aquatic Pet Dog Cat Monkey Fox Bird Tilapia Floating Fish Catfish Shrimps Crab Feed Pellet Food Making Make Production Produce Machine Line Sale In Nigeria
2Fish Feed Extruder Feed Pellet Making Machine Screw Puffing Equipment China Supply Process In India
3New Arrival High Performance Floating Fish Feed Making Pellet Machine Sale In Turkey
4Animal Feed Machine of Cow Sheep Dog Cat Fox Floating Fish Feed Pellet Food Making Machine Feed Pellet Mill Cattle Sheep Pig Food Feed Machine Extruder Process In Ethiopia
5Floating Sinking Dry Wet Fish Feeds Pellets Making Extruder Machine Sale In Malaysia
6Wet Floating Pet Tilapia Fish Feed Pellet Mill Making Machine Sale In Singapore


Customer Have Factory Case of fish feed pellet making machine At 2021

1Automatic Animal Food Fish Feed Pellet Making Mill Machine Process In Egypt
2Animal Feed Pellet Making Machine for Fish Feed or Wood Sale In Singapore
31-2t/H Stainless Steel Chicken Livestock Cattle Pig Fish Poultry Feed Pellet Making Machine Process In South Africa
4Small Output Fish Feed Pellet Farming Equipment/Dog Food Making Machine For Sale Mexico
5New Design Wet Type Floating Fish Feed Pellet Making Machine Process In Russia
6300kg 500kg 1000kg 2000kg Floating Pellet Fish Feed Making Machine for Sale Sale In Malaysia


Floating Fish Food Processing Line / Catfish Feed Pellet Making Extruder Machine Corn Snack Double Screw Pellet Extruder Plant Price Project Price List

Product QuantityMin Price ($)Max Price ($)
Animal Fish Feed Making Pet Food Pellet Mill Extruder Machine 1 Set US03US66
300kg 500kg 1000kg 2000kg Floating Pellet Fish Feed Making Machine for Sale 1 Set US84US26
Pet Food Extruder Dry Fish Dog Cat Feed Pellet Making Machine 1 Set US30US06
300kg/H Feed Processing Sinking Fish Feed Pellet Making Machine 1 Set US28US07
Easy Operate Pellet Machine Used Floating Fish Feed Pellet Making Machine 1 Set US54US88
Fish feed pellet making machine 1 Set US90US26
Fish Feed Pellet Making Machine 1 Set US14US42
Automatic Pet Dog Food Pellet Making Machine Floating Fish Feed Pellet Machine 1 Set US65US03
800kg/H Automatic Floating Fish Feed Pellet Making Machine 1 Set US38US91


Floating Fish Food Processing Line / Catfish Feed Pellet Making Extruder Machine Corn Snack Double Screw Pellet Extruder Plant Price Part Parameters

No.dDWeightBMinimum Buy QuantityInventoryManufacturer URL
USPA206-19N30.16 mm - 0.95 kg30 mm - - -
5BA-2 - - 0.033 - N/A0.0 -
215-ZZ2.953 Inch | 75 Millimeter5.118 Inch | 130 Millimeter1.325 - N/A0.0http://www.consbrgs.com/
H924045-900364.375 Inch | 111.125 Millimeter8.438 Inch | 214.325 Millimeter18.36 - N/A0.0http://www.timken.com
7010 ACDGB/P4A1.969 Inch | 50 Millimeter3.15 Inch | 80 Millimeter0.2490.63 Inch | 16 MillimeterN/A0.0http://www.skf.com
3307 A-2RS1TN9/C3MT331.378 Inch | 35 Millimeter3.15 Inch | 80 Millimeter0.7291.374 Inch | 34.9 MillimeterN/A0.0http://www.skf.com
ESFCE201 - - 0.5 - N/A0.0 -
5209W C11.772 Inch | 45 Millimeter3.346 Inch | 85 Millimeter01.189 Inch | 30.2 MillimeterN/A0.0http://www.timken.com
ZBR2208G2-1/2 in7-5/8 in - - - - -
BPFT7-201.2500 in - - 4.1563 in - - -
ASTEPB 1517-25 - - - - - - -
E-4R8404420 mm580 mm - 230 mm - - -
NH2307 E35 mm80 mm - 31 mm - - -
6802ZE15 mm24 mm - 5 mm - - -


Replacement Bearing of fish feed pellet making machine Data List

No.InventoryWeightMinimum Buy QuantitydDBDiametro del foro
2MM9336WI TUL0.08.76N/A7.087 Inch | 180 Millimeter9.843 Inch | 250 Millimeter3.898 Inch | 99 Millimeter -
F/B-CC-107-DL0.015.554N/A - - - -
6305HT200ZZ0.00N/A0.984 Inch | 25 Millimeter2.441 Inch | 62 Millimeter - -
42368-20157/42584-201570.00N/A - - - -
574104A0.00N/A - - - -
MG1-240.00N/A - - - -
SL1.7/8EC0.07.5N/A - - - -
F4B-SXR-30M - - - 30 mm82.6 mm108 mm -
NNCF4926CV - - - 130 mm180 mm50 mm130
678AZZ - - - 8 mm12 mm3,5 mm8


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