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Aquaculture Floating Fish Feed Pelleting Making Machine for Aquaculture Feed Suppliers Aquaculture Floating Fish Feed Pelleting Making Machine for Aquaculture Feed Suppliers Aquaculture Floating Fish Feed Pelleting Making Machine for Aquaculture Feed Suppliers

Aquaculture Floating Fish Feed Pelleting Making Machine for Aquaculture Feed Suppliers

Basic Info:    The feed pellet mill is a feed processing machine that directly compresses the pulverized raw materials such as corns, soybean meals, straws,...

Aquaculture Floating Fish Feed Pelleting Making Machine for Aquaculture Feed Suppliers Description

Basic Info:

   The feed pellet mill is a feed processing machine that directly compresses the pulverized raw materials such as corns, soybean meals, straws, grass, rice hulls, etc. into pellets, and the process of pellet formation will cause the denaturalization of pancreatic enzyme resistance factors in cereals and beans, which will kill a variety of parasitic ovum and other pathogenic microorganisms, and reduce various parasites and digestive system diseases, thereby improving the digestion and absorption of nutrients.


1. This fish food extrude is widely used for producing floating feed pellets of all kinds of aquatic animal.
2. Advanced technology and humanized design ensures easy operation and reliable performance.
3. High efficiency, low power consumption.
4. Screw sleeve of this small fish food extruder adopts enchase alloy steel strip structure,which guarantees long service life.
5. Different molds can be chosen to make pellets with different diameters and shapes.
6. Feed pellets dia. Is 0.9-15mm.

Packaging & Shipping
Packing: Export standard wooden case or Whole contaciner
Delivery time: Within 4-7 working dyas for single pellet machine
                       Within 15-40 working days for whole line
Shipping:By sea

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Aquaculture Floating Fish Feed Pelleting Making Machine for Aquaculture Feed Suppliers Project Price List

Product QuantityMin Price ($)Max Price ($)
Steam Conditioner Animal Fish Sheep Feed Crusher and Mixer Extruder Pellet Pelleting Press Block Making Machine 1 Set US17US71
Pelleting Machine for Fish Feed 1 Set US22US41
Diesel Engine Floating Pelleting for Fish Meal Making Machine Feed 1 Set US99US20
Aquatic Pelleting Machinery Floating Fish Feed Machine Pellet Fish Food Twin Screw Extruder Equipment Plant Line 1 Set US79US08
Automatic Granules Feed Pelleting Machinery Extruder Floating Fish Food Making Machine 1 Set US09US98
China Manufacture Cattle Chicken Fish Poultry Pig Animal Feed Pellet Mill Feed Pelleting Making Feed Machine 1 Set US45US71
Automatic Animal Feed Pelleting Pellet Machine for Fish Feed 1 Set US25US08
Dry and Wet Puffed Floating Fish Feed Pellet Feed Machine Mill Twin Screw Feed Pelleting Machine Pelleter Extruder Machinery 1 Set US29US44


Aquaculture Floating Fish Feed Pelleting Making Machine for Aquaculture Feed Suppliers Part Parameters

No.dDWeightInventoryMinimum Buy QuantityBEAN
22219K95 mm170 mm4,55 Kg - - 43 mm -
UCT21575 mm - - - - 77,8 mm -
CB-1924-161.188 Inch | 30.175 Millimeter1.5 Inch | 38.1 Millimeter02.0N/A - 0846802018184
066004 - - 0.1520.0N/A - 0782475532469
XLS-4 3/4 P/64.75 Inch | 120.65 Millimeter6.5 Inch | 165.1 Millimeter1.4060.0N/A0.875 Inch | 22.225 Millimeter0644075102018
3203-2RS0.669 Inch | 17 Millimeter1.575 Inch | 40 Millimeter00.0N/A0.689 Inch | 17.5 Millimeter -
7211 BG - - 0.60.0N/A - 0888569128768
SLFE45 - - 1.60.0N/A - -
SNP-31/630 x 23 15/16 - - - - - - -
80780/80720635 mm736,6 mm - - - 53,975 mm -
674ASSA4 mm7 mm - - - 2,5 mm -


Replacement Bearing of fish feed pelleting machine price Data List

No.dDBWeightInventoryCMinimum Buy Quantity
530630 mm72 mm30,2 mm0,53 Kg - 40,5 kN -
N314G1C370 mm150 mm35 mm - 0.0 - N/A
EXPLE.20420 mm - 34 mm0.72 kg - 12.8 kN -
MA1210EX1.969 Inch | 50 Millimeter3.543 Inch | 90 Millimeter0.787 Inch | 20 Millimeter0.5430.0 - N/A
16010/W641.969 Inch | 50 Millimeter3.15 Inch | 80 Millimeter - 0.1950.0 - N/A
M-AEL209D1 - - - 0.6750.0 - N/A
MHFR8Z8 mm - - - - - -
UCIP315CD75 - 120 - - - -
SBASZ6800DD-30 - - - - - - -
AST650 12014080 - - - - - - -
NK 110/40 - 130 mm - - - 40 mm -


What is the difference between pelleting and extrusion?

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What is the difference between extruded and pelleted feed?

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What are pelleted feeds?

  • 1、Feb 1, 2003 — A feeding trial in Hawaii tested the nutritive value of extruded feeds in comparison pelleted feeds for Pacific white shrimp.
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  • 3、Vitamin-rich horse pellets support body weight and condition. ... Manna Pro® Select 12-6 is a nutritious pelleted feed for all kinds of horses.
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What is the difference between floating and sinking fish feed?

  • 1、3 Grower fish diet for any type. 50% float, 50% sink. POND FISH. 1469. AquaMax® Pond Fish 2000. 5/16. 7.9 mm. Extruded - Float.
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How do you process fish feed?

  • 1、Oct 12, 2015 — For fish and shrimp feed pellet, the floating time in water can be adjusted by the extrusion degree adjustment. 5. Processing is processed at 
  • 2、Jun 6, 2017 — Operators in the fish feed process are used to manually taking samples from production and analyzing the moisture and density content in a 
  • 3、----(to reduce particle size of ingredients to 0.4-0.6 mm) used for processing fish feed raw materials into small pieces. with proper sizes to help further process
  • 4、Fish feed processing consists of fish feed crushing, fish feed mixing, fish feed pelleting and fish feed conditioning, and proper technology and equipment is 
  • 5、floating fish feed production process · 1. Material grinding—- feed hammer mill Raw material ingredients
  • 6、A fish feed composition characterised in that it comprises 15-75% by weight gluten and 25-85% dehulled oilseed, pellets formed therefrom and methods of 

How many pellets do I feed my fish?

  • 1、Apr 8, 2009 — IMO you technically cannot overfeed our reef fish. I feed my Angels 4-7 times per day. At each "sitting" my BlueLine Angel can consume 50 to 100 ...
  • 2、Jul 14, 2011 — The size of the pellet should be small enough for your fish to consume. Though flakes are a popular form of fish feed, they often lead the ...
  • 3、How Often to Feed Your Oscar Fish Live Food ... you can chop up vegetables like cucumbers and zucchini and give them to your oscar in small quantities.
  • 4、Anything between 4 to 6 pellets a day is a good amount to feed a betta. This measurement can vary as manufactures produce differently-sized pellets, so take ...
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What is a floating feed?

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  • 4、Mount a track section under an outlet box with this floating feed in a contemporary silver finish. Floating electrical end feed for track lighting.
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What is mash feed?

  • 1、What is mash feed? Mash is a form of a complete feed that is finely ground and mixed so that birds cannot easily separate out ingredients; each mouthful ...
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