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Pelleting Machine for Fish Feed Floating Pellets Fish Food Machine Pelleting Machine for Fish Feed Floating Pellets Fish Food Machine Pelleting Machine for Fish Feed Floating Pellets Fish Food Machine

Pelleting Machine for Fish Feed Floating Pellets Fish Food Machine

Product Information:      Fish feed pelleting machine is very competitive and used for processing for fish feed(sinking or floating type),dogs and cats...

Pelleting Machine for Fish Feed Floating Pellets Fish Food Machine Description

Product Information:

     Fish feed pelleting machine is very competitive and used for processing for fish feed(sinking or floating type),dogs and cats (pet food), bird food, piglets feed, frogs' food, poultry feed,etc., which is high and new technical program as to catch the developing floating fish feed market.Fish feed production line mainly use maize flour, fish powder, meat powder and some food additive as main raw material, through mixing, extruding, roasting, flavoring to get the final puffed fish feed.
This line is fully automatic, high capacity and with different of shapes. It can produce such as cat food, dog food, fish food, bird food ,poultry feed,and so on.

Main Features:

1.Fish feed pellet machine adopting international advanced technology, the pellets are very even.
2.We can get the different size and length of pellet diameter ( diameter from 1mm to 8mm).
3.The electric heating device improve the feed expansion rate.
4.High temperature and high pressure can kill the salmonellosis and bacterial infections.
5.Fish feed machine can get the higher-protein animal feed, and easy to digest. 
Our Services:
1. We will give detailed introduction of the fish food extruder machine according to the client capacity requirement.
2. Share any information about the floating fish food extruder machine that the clients need, like detaield pictures, video,etc
3. Design floating fish food line for client.
4. Help the clients to do suitable floating fish food formulation.
5. Give detailed instruction manual and video to help the client operation the fish food extruder machine.

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Pelleting Machine for Fish Feed Floating Pellets Fish Food Machine Project Price List

Product QuantityMin Price ($)Max Price ($)
Aquaculture Floating Fish Feed Pelleting Making Machine for Aquaculture Feed Suppliers 1 Set US23US89
Aquatic Pelleting Machinery Floating Fish Feed Machine Pellet Fish Food Twin Screw Extruder Equipment Plant Line 1 Set US08US50
Dry and Wet Puffed Floating Fish Feed Pellet Feed Machine Mill Twin Screw Feed Pelleting Machine Pelleter Extruder Machinery 1 Set US47US22
Diesel Engine Floating Pelleting for Fish Meal Making Machine Feed 1 Set US46US01
Pelleting Machine for Fish Feed 1 Set US63US57
Steam Conditioner Animal Fish Sheep Feed Crusher and Mixer Extruder Pellet Pelleting Press Block Making Machine 1 Set US60US36
Automatic Animal Feed Pelleting Pellet Machine for Fish Feed 1 Set US60US13
China Manufacture Cattle Chicken Fish Poultry Pig Animal Feed Pellet Mill Feed Pelleting Making Feed Machine 1 Set US83US23
Automatic Granules Feed Pelleting Machinery Extruder Floating Fish Food Making Machine 1 Set US04US40
Poultry Farm Pet Food Feed Pellet Floating Fish Making Machine Price 1 Set US04US84


Pelleting Machine for Fish Feed Floating Pellets Fish Food Machine Part Parameters

No.dDMinimum Buy QuantityInventoryWeightEANB
TUP1 32.3032 mm36 mm - - - - -
2313G1565,000 mm140,000 mm - - - - 48,000 mm
UCNFL205-14CB - - N/A0.00.3540808250408689 -
BNFL8-24CEB1.5 Inch | 38.1 Millimeter1.397 Inch | 35.484 MillimeterN/A0.00.880808250162635 -
CR-3-XB-SS - - N/A0.00 - -
BFH-14 - - N/A0.00.209 - -
CBR-6 - - N/A0.00.010644075282284 -
P2B-SD-308E3.5 Inch | 88.9 Millimeter6.375 Inch | 161.925 MillimeterN/A0.063.10607824750362265.5 Inch | 139.7 Millimeter
UCF209-26-J7 - - N/A0.02.394047643261951 -
UCFL215C4HR575 mm225 mm - - - - 275 mm
AH 2336 G180 mm - - - - - -
23176KYMBW97W25W898C2380.000 mm620.000 mm - - - - -
BCH910PR - 20,638 mm - - - - -
670010 mm15 mm - - - - 3 mm


Replacement Bearing of fish feed pelleting machine price Data List

No.DdMinimum Buy QuantityWeightInventoryBC
61921145 mm105 mm - - - 20 mm20 mm
6215-2RS13075 - - - - -
INS-SCM-1002.441 Inch | 62.001 Millimeter1 Inch | 25.4 MillimeterN/A0.325.0 - -
K 82527 - - N/A00.0 - -
RNNU 4930 B/SPW33 - - N/A00.0 - -
23248-E1-C3-T52BW - - N/A106.30.0 - -
24192BC3 - - N/A5500.0 - -
608-2Z/C3VT1270.866 Inch | 22 Millimeter0.315 Inch | 8 MillimeterN/A00.0 - -
MSM175BRHFHTPS - - - - - - -
SBGCN6000DD - - - - - - -
6008EE68,000 mm40,000 mm - - - 15,000 mm15,000 mm
6802ZE24 mm15 mm - - - 5 mm5 mm


What is the difference between pelleting and extrusion?

  • 1、by S Lee · 2016 · Cited by 9 — A feeding trial was conducted to evaluate the effects of two different sizes of extruded pellets (EP) (EP1 - 3 mm or EP2 - 5 mm) and a moist ...
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  • 5、Results indicated that the digestibility of energy in the diets based on corn and soybean meal or corn, soybean meal, and DDGS is improved if diets are pelleted ...
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What are the raw materials for fish feed?

  • 1、Jan 28, 2021 — The regulations mainly set clear requirements for the use of raw materials, additives and veterinary drugs when farmers produce ingredients.
  • 2、Dec 20, 2019 — Traditionally, the base raw materials for aquaculture feeds have been fishmeal and fish oil. Plant-based raw materials have replaced them in ...
  • 3、This invention relates to a fish feed pellets containing fish meal, ... Fish feed pellet is commonly made by extruding the protein raw materials, ...
  • 4、The basic raw material: Dry grass powder 45% (peanut vine, sweet potato vine ), soybean cake(15%), rice bran(15%), wheat bran(10%), fish meal (3.5%), corn(10%), ...Minerals and trace elements: Addition amount...
  • 5、by S Sumardiono · 2019 · Cited by 4 — One of the effort to solve this problem is providing homemade fish food. The pellet based on local waste raw materials can reduce dependency of commercial fish ...
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How do you feed pellet fish?

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What is fish feed ingredients?

  • 1、Dec 14, 2020 — Aquaculture, or fish farming, is the world's fastest-growing food production sector. But the key ingredients in commercial fish feed ...
  • 2、Modern fish feeds are made by grinding and mixing together ingredients such as fishmeal, vegetable proteins and binding agents such as wheat. In the current ...
  • 3、Fish meal and fish oil are two of the more commonly known marine ingredients sometimes used in aquaculture feeds. Fish meal is a powder obtained after ...
  • 4、Feb 19, 2021 — “The raw ingredients for fish feed must be healthy, safe and sustainable”, says Rune Waagbø, a Programme Director at the Institute of Marine ...
  • 5、We manufacture and market natural and sustainable fish-based animal feed ingredients. All of our products are derived from marine fish and shellfish ...
  • 6、Qualified Fish Pellet Feed. The pellet feed for fishes should be of smooth surface by finely grinding the ingredients, high curing rate, balanced nutrition, ...

What is the purpose of pelleting?

  • 1、This cold pelleting technique allows the formation of pellet particles ... the client objectives and then progresses to a pelleting feasibility study where ...
  • 2、Wood pellets are also used as fuel for electric power production and as an absorbent for industrial purposes and animal care.
  • 3、by KC BEHNKE · Cited by 180 — The purpose of this chapter is to discuss the pelleting process in terms of operations, and to describe how the success or failure of the operation can impact ...10 pages
  • 4、Evolution Premium All Purpose Supp Pellet. A Supplement For Growing/Finishing Pigs. Guaranteed Analysis. Crude Protein. (Min). 43.0 %. Lysine. (Min). 3.65 %.
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What is pelletization process?

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  • 3、Circular Pelletizing Plant The building footprint of the induration furnace is significantly smaller compared with the straight grate process, ...
  • 4、by R Jannasch · Cited by 77 — A commercial scale pelleting trial using switchgrass feedstock was conducted in Ste. Marthe,. Quebec, in August, 2001, to study the pellet production process at ...
  • 5、Pelletizing is defined as an agglomeration process whereby an amorphous mass of finely divided particulates, such as dust, powder, fume, is formed into a pellet ...
  • 6、Mar 11, 2013 — Circular Pelletizing Technology (CPT) is an iron ore ... from mining sites means that the pelletizing process is becoming more important for ...

What is a floating feed?

  • 1、Apr 29, 2021 — Sink pellets are cheaper than floating fish feed and can be used for pond fish farming. But floating fish feed is better, because the use of ...
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  • 6、Satco® Floating Power Feed ^ Black ^ 660 Watts ^ 120 Volts ^ 326147 ^ Mfg #TP155.

What are pelleted feeds?

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  • 6、by RG Maghirang · 2006 · Cited by 38 — durability, breakage, elevator handling, feed pellet, pellet durability index, dust, broken pellets, particle sizing. Page 2. 2. Introduction. Pelleting of ...




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