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Pelleting Machine for Fish Feed Pelleting Machine for Fish Feed Pelleting Machine for Fish Feed

Pelleting Machine for Fish Feed

Product Information:     The pet food extruder, also named feed pellet making machine, which is used for processing for making the food of pets (like dogs,...

Pelleting Machine for Fish Feed Description

Product Information:

    The pet food extruder, also named feed pellet making machine, which is used for processing for making the food of pets (like dogs, cats, rabbits, fishes, tortoise, birds, pigs, foxes, etc.) and the feed for other aquatic products, birds, domestic animals, etc. It has a wide range of applications and it is high and new technical program which can catch the developing pet food market and also animal husbandry.
   The feed pellet making machine mainly use amino acids, grains, fish meal, fat, whey powder, soybean meal, straw, green fodder, meat and bone meal, miscellaneous meal as the main raw materialss to get final puffed pet food through mixing, puffing, roasting, seasoning processing.

Product Application:
1. It is widely used for producing high-grade aquatic feed pellets for fish, catfish, shrimps, crab etc. 
2. The final feed pellets have unique shape and good taste, high nutrition and smooth textures.
3. The pellets floating time on water surface can be adjusted by the extrusion degree. 
4. Currently, floating fish feed exturder has become an ideal equipment for small and medium fish farm (catfish, tilapia, shrimp etc) holders or fish feed processing plant.


Q: Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?
A: We are the manufacturer, which has almost 10 years of experience in this industry.

Q: How long is your delivery time?
A: Generally it is 5-10 days if the goods are in stock. or it is 15-20 days if the goods are not in stock, it is according to quantity.

Q: When can I get a price?
A: We usually quote within 24 hours after we get your inquiry.

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Pelleting Machine for Fish Feed Project Price List

Product QuantityMin Price ($)Max Price ($)
Aquaculture Floating Fish Feed Pelleting Making Machine for Aquaculture Feed Suppliers 1 Set US55US12
Steam Conditioner Animal Fish Sheep Feed Crusher and Mixer Extruder Pellet Pelleting Press Block Making Machine 1 Set US67US17
Dry and Wet Puffed Floating Fish Feed Pellet Feed Machine Mill Twin Screw Feed Pelleting Machine Pelleter Extruder Machinery 1 Set US42US21
China Manufacture Cattle Chicken Fish Poultry Pig Animal Feed Pellet Mill Feed Pelleting Making Feed Machine 1 Set US37US37
Diesel Engine Floating Pelleting for Fish Meal Making Machine Feed 1 Set US45US50


Pelleting Machine for Fish Feed Part Parameters

No.Diametro esternoDiametro del foroInventoryBWeightMinimum Buy QuantityD
GSHP210-31 - - 0.0 - 0N/A -
LRB6.5X8/-1-9 - - 0.0 - 0.002N/A -
Z9504-RST-C3 - - 0.0 - 0N/A -
MI-13-N - - 0.00.75 Inch | 19.05 Millimeter0.04N/A1 Inch | 25.4 Millimeter
LSM40BRHTTKPS - - - - - - -
ASTEPBF 1820-122018 - - - - -
LL217849/LL217810121,44288,9 - 15,083 mm - - 121,442 mm
GEG120ES210120 - - - - -
NA4980540400 - 140 mm - - 540 mm
677ZZ117 - 3 mm - - 11 mm


Replacement Bearing of fish feed pelleting machine price Data List

No.DdBCWeightMinimum Buy QuantityEAN
LBCR 60 A-2LS90 mm60 - 20,4 kN0,82 Kg - -
281155X/281266XP266,7 mm155,575 mm74 mm116,9 mm21,72 Kg - -
7314 ADT150 mm70 mm - - - - -
4 7/16 SLV RTL EXP PB - - - - 136.2N/A0782475120604
DVPF26K407SO4.73 Inch | 120.142 Millimeter4.438 Inch | 112.725 Millimeter4.75 Inch | 120.65 Millimeter - 57.658N/A0883450273725
YG335NL4.724 Inch | 119.99 Millimeter2.188 Inch | 55.575 Millimeter - - 2.443N/A0793699259476
6308RSH2C33.543 Inch | 90 Millimeter1.575 Inch | 40 Millimeter - - - N/A0605790353437
7211DU100 mm55 mm21 mm - - - -
7211a5trsump3-nsk100mm55mm21mm - - - -
6307ZZ80,000 mm35,000 mm21,000 mm21,000 mm - - -
6702LLF21 mm15 mm4 mm4 mm - - -


What is fish feed ingredients?

  • 1、Fish oil is oil extracted from fishery materials prior to making fishmeal. SQUID MEAL. Meal from 100% squid for aquaculture feeds.
  • 2、by H Park · 1997 · Cited by 45 — Preparation of Fish Feed Ingredients: Reduction of Carotenoids in Corn Gluten Meal†. H. Park; ,; R. A. Flores; , and; L. A. Johnson.
  • 3、by PK Sarker · 2020 · Cited by 18 — Furthermore, fish-free feed had the highest degree of in-vitro protein ... of fish-free diets made with alternative ingredients that show ...
  • 4、Feb 4, 2016 — Another important ingredient in fish diets is a binding agent to provide stability to the pellet and reduce leaching of nutrients into the water ...
  • 5、by C Pietsch · 2020 · Cited by 33 — For this, the toxin contents of 97 commercial fish feeds have been ... judge if there is a particular risk due to the inclusion of certain feed ingredients.
  • 6、Feb 20, 2019 — Fish meal, soybean meal, fish hydrolysate, skim milk powder, legumes, & wheat gluten are excellent sources of protein. Additionally, the ...

What is the difference between floating and sinking fish feed?

  • 1、AquaMax® Sport Fish MVP is a multi-variable particle product with nine different sized extruded nuggets designed with both Sinking and Floating action.
  • 2、In the long run, better food ends up being more economical and you will maximize ... We have tested feeding efficiency of floating and sinking of Kodama Koi ...
  • 3、Aug 10, 2018 — However, fish may eat more volume of floating feed than sinking cos a ... It can be easily used by the beginners as compare to the sinking.
  • 4、The final fish feed can keeping floating in the water for 3-17 hours as fully pellet shape. Simultaneously , You can create numerous products with different ...
  • 5、By the way, what the heck is the difference between a pellet and a tablet? ... pellets float on the surface much longer than other types of fish foods.
  • 6、Floating fish feed can retain its shape,it can stay in water for a long time,while sinking type,remain at the bottom of the tank,there will be many waste here, ...

What is fish feed extruder?

  • 1、Find out all of the information about the fish-feed-extruder product: wet feed extruder DSP Series. Contact a supplier or the parent company directly to get ...
  • 2、Nov 8, 2021 — Fish feed extruder machine belongs to feed pelletizing equipment. It is a feed processing machine that directly compresses the pellets of ...
  • 3、Get Fish Feed Extruder Price Now! Difference Between Pellets and Extruded Feed. Today, the two most widely used techniques for producing aquatic feed are ...
  • 4、E.P Machinery is a reliable and professional manufacturer for producing fish feed extruders, fish feed production lines and relative auxiliary parts.
  • 5、Bulk Buy Quality Fish Feed Extruder at wholesale prices from a wide range of Verified China Manufacturers & Suppliers on GlobalSources.com.
  • 6、This dry type feed pelletizer is used widely to produce aquatic feed pellets for catfish, tilapia, shrimps etc. This equipment can pellet feed from o.9-15mm ...

Which fish feed is the best?

  • 1、Those used in catfish feed include marine fish meals, catfish offal meal, meat and bone/blood meal, and poultry byproduct meal. Animal proteins are generally considered to be higher quality than plant proteins. Animal protein is essential in the diet of fry and small fingerling catfish
  • 2、Fishes are one of the best and cheap source of lean meat and more than half of the population on earth depends on fish for dietary protein source. From the past 
  • 3、Aug 14, 2019 — What does farmed fish feed look like? ... the heads and tails of fish that we don't eat are a perfect source of fish meal and oil for farmed fish
  • 4、Aug 1, 2014 — New Life Spectrum fish food is considered to be one of the best fish food by many fishkeepers. They are known for their premium quality natural 
  • 5、perfect for fish farmers. Barley protein concentrate. Montana Microbial Products developed a 65% protein concentrate produced from barley. Barley Protein 
  • 6、Optimal Fish Feed Protein Concentration · Supplemental feeding of bluegill or tilapia populations, use 32% protein/small pellet · Feeding pellet-trained Largemouth 

How do I make my own animal feed?

  • 1、When you say dairy cattle are the only cattle that get supplementary feed, are you referring to your own cattle, or cattle in NZ? I'm unclear what you're trying ...
  • 2、Kalmbach Feeds manufactures and sells top quality animal feed and custom ... Our team's culture is to do whatever it takes to make sure our customers ...
  • 3、Dec 2, 2016 — Tips for producing low cost livestock feed · Place a mixture of kraal manure and topsoil in a 40kg grain bag, filling one-third to half the bag.
  • 4、Department of Animal Sciences. Formulating a ration is a matter of combining feeds to make a ration that will be eaten in the amount needed to supply the ...
  • 5、Sep 13, 2019 — A fodder system will have you growing your own livestock feed overnight. Great for any homestead that wants to feed their livestock the best ...
  • 6、Fresh organic livestock feed and organic animal feed made by Graham's Organics with real food ... We were already producing feeds for our own livestock.

What is a fish extruder?

  • 1、Floating fish feed extruder machine is a kind of fish feed pellet machinery ,it is suitable for feed process factory and aquaculture farm.Mar 17, 2021 · Uploaded by Zeno Pellet Machine
  • 2、1. Animal feed food processing machine is plant or animal material intended for consumption by fish or other canines. In extruder, the ingredients are cooked ...
  • 3、Looking for where to buy fish farming equipment for local catfish feed production? Buy Dickem Extruder machine online and cut down costs. See price.
  • 4、Floating wet type extruder fish feed pellet machine also called Wet type fish feed extruder, which consists of feeding system, extruding system, ...
  • 5、Jun 1, 2020 — The extruder OEE NG from Amandus Kahl GmbH & Co KG has set about capturing the market for the production of pet food and Fish feed of the ...
  • 6、LOCALLY FABRICATED FISH FEED EXTRUDER MACHINE . Good news for profit oriented fish farmers Do ...Facebook · B-spicefarms and consults · Jan 12, 2020

How do pelleting machines work?

  • 1、In most cases pellets will exit the pellet mill hot (100-170 degrees) and must ... How much of this feed stock can be obtained at a price point that works ...
  • 2、Jun 18, 2020 — The biggest difference of these two types of ring die biomass pelleting machines is the working principle: The vertical ring die biomass pellet ...
  • 3、Nov 1, 2019 — Shandong Yulong Machine Co.,ltd - Sales… ... Wood pellets, also known as biomass pellets, are made of sawdust, wood shaving, bark, twigs, wood ...
  • 4、Straw biochemical technology means through crushing, fermenting and pelletizing, soften the lignin inside and turn straws or stalks into high quality fodder ...
  • 5、The design & Optimization of pelletizing machine which will operate on solar energy for the production of pellets from a mixture of Biomass. The process of ...
  • 6、The pellets are formed by wood pellet machines under heat and pressure, ... Small diesel flat die wood pellet mill is easy to operate and maintain.

What is extruder feed?

  • 1、Jul 16, 2019 — What you may not know about an extruded nugget is that it is less dense than other forms of feed (pellets or textured, for example). That means ...
  • 2、May 28, 2013 — The feed zone of the plastics extruder is where the plastic raw material first enters the barrel with the rotating screw.
  • 3、Why do you want to go above 10mm/sec feed rate? That is the feed rate of 1.75mm into the extruder. The corresponding rate of extrusion out ...
  • 4、An extruder is a bio-reactor providing the necessary pressure to force feed mash in the barrel through a restrictive die. Through changes in temperature, ...
  • 5、Jun 25, 2019 — Extrusion is a process in which the food is not only compressed, as in pelletisation, but also 'cooked', which is why it requires higher levels ...
  • 6、Dual drives enable independent control over feeding and extrusion. Feed beds are customized to match your batch size. The Live Bottom Feeder Extruder is ...




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