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Floating Fish Food Fodder Feed Pelleting Mill Press Machine (WSP) Floating Fish Food Fodder Feed Pelleting Mill Press Machine (WSP) Floating Fish Food Fodder Feed Pelleting Mill Press Machine (WSP) Floating Fish Food Fodder Feed Pelleting Mill Press Machine (WSP)

Floating Fish Food Fodder Feed Pelleting Mill Press Machine (WSP)

Product Description:     Fish feed pelleting machine is a newly-designed line for improving market of pet food, which is developed successfully with our many...

Floating Fish Food Fodder Feed Pelleting Mill Press Machine (WSP) Description

Product Description:

    Fish feed pelleting machine is a newly-designed line for improving market of pet food, which is developed successfully with our many years research experiences on food machinery. Fish feed pelleting machine endues pet food with novel shape, unique taste and color. It can meet with other needs of modern market by many superior characteristics, such as scientific nutrition formular and easy assimilation. And Fish feed pelleting machine can also make the pet food cored filling, it will be more popular with modern pets.Also can change the shape by mould.

Product Advantages:

1. We can adjust the cutter of floating fish feed pellet mill to get different diameter and the length.
2.The Electric heating device improve the feed expansion rate.
3. High temperature and high pressure can kill the salmonellosis and bacterial infections.
4. The automatic floating fish feed pellet processing machine can float in water for 12 hours.
5. This puffing feed extrusion machine can make various grain wastes into animal feed pellets with rich nutrition and easy digestion.
6. Not only for making fish feed pellets, but also suitable for making feed pellets for dog, cat, bird,
7. Popular with animal breeders, medium sized feed stuff factory.

Packing &Delivery
1.Use anti-rust oil to wipe the equipment for floating fish feed pellet granulator making machine in bangladesh
2.air cushion film packaging equipment for small fish feed mill plant  
3.with a wooden box for the final step of packaging for fish feed manufacturing machine

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Floating Fish Food Fodder Feed Pelleting Mill Press Machine (WSP) Project Price List

Product QuantityMin Price ($)Max Price ($)
Automatic Granules Feed Pelleting Machinery Extruder Floating Fish Food Making Machine 1 Set US89US44
Automatic Animal Feed Pelleting Pellet Machine for Fish Feed 1 Set US41US88
Aquatic Pelleting Machinery Floating Fish Feed Machine Pellet Fish Food Twin Screw Extruder Equipment Plant Line 1 Set US87US43
China Manufacture Cattle Chicken Fish Poultry Pig Animal Feed Pellet Mill Feed Pelleting Making Feed Machine 1 Set US16US93
Aquaculture Floating Fish Feed Pelleting Making Machine for Aquaculture Feed Suppliers 1 Set US13US61
Pelleting Machine for Fish Feed Floating Pellets Fish Food Machine 1 Set US01US24


Floating Fish Food Fodder Feed Pelleting Mill Press Machine (WSP) Part Parameters

No.dDBWeightInventoryCMinimum Buy Quantity
5440527 mm60 mm - 0,62 Kg - 55,6 kN -
23236MBK180320 - - - - -
USPAE211T2055 mm - 45.3 mm3.07 kg - 43.55 kN -
QMPG30J507SO5.438 Inch | 138.125 Millimeter7.56 Inch | 192.024 Millimeter6.693 Inch | 170.002 Millimeter106.690.0 - N/A
NCF-1840V C/37.874 Inch | 200 Millimeter9.843 Inch | 250 Millimeter0.945 Inch | 24 Millimeter2.6490.0 - N/A
WJP130X260P-M1 - - - 220.0 - N/A
MM45BS85 P/41.772 Inch | 45 Millimeter3.346 Inch | 85 Millimeter0.748 Inch | 19 Millimeter0.5030.0 - N/A
SAF 22628 T - - - - - - -
241/530-B-K30-MB+AH241/530530 mm870 mm335 mm - - 335 mm -
675ZZ5 mm8 mm2,5 mm - - 2,5 mm -


Replacement Bearing of fish feed pelleting machine Data List

No.dDWeightBMinimum Buy QuantityInventoryDiametro del foro
UKFX16+H231670 mm - - - - - -
W 6204-2RS1/VP31120 mm47 mm - 14 mm - - -
6810JRLLB/2AS50 mm65 mm - 7 mm - - -
01BCF415EXAT - - 64.441 - N/A0.0 -
QVVFX19V303SET3.188 Inch | 80.975 Millimeter4.49 Inch | 114.046 Millimeter10.442 - N/A0.0 -
JRM4549CS-90UN9 - - 0.704 - N/A0.0 -
C-UCP210LLJ/LP03 - - 3.754 - N/A0.0 -
M0812BU - - - - - - -
29602-4274 - 2.5630 in1.06 lbs - - - -
51422M - - - - - - 110
NNCF 5015 CV75 mm115 mm - 54 mm - - 115
6799 mm14 mm - 3 mm - - 9


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