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High Speed Rotary Fish Feed Pelletizer High Speed Rotary Fish Feed Pelletizer High Speed Rotary Fish Feed Pelletizer

High Speed Rotary Fish Feed Pelletizer

Product Information:       Feed extruder machine can produce granule from diameter 1mm-9mm with different shapes. The finished pellet can keep floating...

High Speed Rotary Fish Feed Pelletizer Description

Product Information:

      Feed extruder machine can produce granule from diameter 1mm-9mm with different shapes. The finished pellet can keep floating for 3-15 hours on the water. The floating time can be controlled by the puffing degree adjustment. High temperature and high pressure can kill the bacterial, and also make the pellet easily to digest.
The feed pellet making line maily uses the fish meal, meat meal, bone powder, corn powder, soya meal and other garins powder as raw materials to produce the innovative shapes, high nutritional and savory state pet food for cat, dog, bird, and also the floating or sinking fish shrimp feed.


1. It can produce variety shapes of high-grade feed granule according to your need.
2. The finished pellet can keep floating for 3-15 hours on the water. The floating time can be controlled by the puffing degree adjustment.
3. It can produce pellet from diameter 1mm-9mm just by changing the mold. The cutting device can be adjusted for different lengths pellet.
4. Electric heating device is adopted which can improve the feed expansion rate and pellets floating time. High temperature and high pressure can kill the bacterial, and also make the pellet easily to digest.

After-sales Service:
1.Carefully checking machine in every working procedure, quality comes first;
2.Assisting our clients for foundation construction of equipments;
3.Dispatching engineers to install and debug equipments,training the first-line operators on site;
4.Regularly visit clients to solve production problems and providing our technology support.
5.We have more than 10 years experience, support you best before and after sales service.Quality is first and top Pursuit of our company.

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High Speed Rotary Fish Feed Pelletizer Project Price List

Product QuantityMin Price ($)Max Price ($)
Szlh508 Shrimp Fish Aqua Feed Pelletizer for Sale 1 Set US41US59
Floating Sinking Animal Feed Pellet Fish Feed Fish Food Machine Pelletizer 1 Set US18US29
Fish Feed Pellet Extruder Machine Pelletizer 1 Set US49US55
Multifunctional Fish Feed Machine Floating, Fish Feed Pelletizer 1 Set US72US80
China Supplier Poultry Fish/Pet/Dog/Cat Feed Pelletizer Best Price 1 Set US66US52
Factory Price Shrimp Floating Fish Crab Feed Granulator Pelletizer 1 Set US50US35
Fish Feed Pellet Extruder Machine Pelletizer 1 Set US84US65
CE Aquatic Feed Pellet Machine Fish Shrimp Crab Feed Pelleting Machine Feed Pelletizer 1 Set US75US04
Ce Approved Pet Fish Feed Making Pellet Mill Fish Feed/Food Pelletizer 1 Set US52US60


High Speed Rotary Fish Feed Pelletizer Part Parameters

6SBT1015,875 mm26,988 mm - 6,35 mm6,3515.875x26.988x6.35 -
18590/1852041,275 mm73,025 mm - - 16,66741.275x73.025x16.667 -
6003Z17 mm35 mm10 mm6 kN1017x35x100,039 Kg
601155 mm90 mm18 mm28,3 kN18 mm55x90x180.384 Kg
QMPX18J308SB3.5 Inch | 88.9 Millimeter4.03 Inch | 102.362 Millimeter4 Inch | 101.6 Millimeter - - - 19.522
SAF 526 X 4 1/2 - - - - - - 50.394
23096-MB-C3480 mm700 mm165 mm - - - -
NP-24C CR1.5000 in4.8750 to 5.8750 in1.9375 in - - - -
NUKR52 - - - - - - -
BHM-16 - 4.1560 in - - - - -
UKF21255 mm - 62 mm - - - -
23220-K-MB-W33100 mm180 mm60,3 mm60,3 mm - - -
670840 mm50 mm6 mm6 mm - - -


Replacement Bearing of fish feed pelletizer Data List

YT 40154050 mm33,4 kN0,0635 Kg59,8 kN - -
ZKLN3062-2Z30 mm62 mm29 kN0,39 Kg64 kN28 mm0.0
SX05A87NCS30PX125 mm52 mm14 mm - - 15 mm0.0
FBNP-6910693.350,0015 Kg3.05 - -
K110X118X2411011864 kN0,165 Kg168 kN - -
7203 CTBP417 mm40 mm10,8 kN0,06 Kg5,85 kN - -
2305SL1C325 mm62 mm - - - 24 mm -
UCPA.20215 mm - 12.8 kN0.6 kg6.65 kN31 mm -
QAFYP09A040SEC1.575 Inch | 40 Millimeter2.882 Inch | 73.2 Millimeter - 4.99 - - 0.0
7008 ACD/PA9ATBTB1.575 Inch | 40 Millimeter2.677 Inch | 68 Millimeter - 0 - 1.772 Inch | 45 Millimeter0.0
6210-2RSR-C41.969 Inch | 50 Millimeter3.543 Inch | 90 Millimeter - 0.48 - - 0.0
CW-5ET0.3125 in - - 0.08 lb - - -
232/560B560 mm1 030 mm365 mm - - 365 mm -
678A8 mm12 mm2,5 mm - - 2,5 mm -


What are pelleted feeds?

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