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Household Mini Manual Animal Fish Feed Pellet Making Machine Pelletizer Household Mini Manual Animal Fish Feed Pellet Making Machine Pelletizer Household Mini Manual Animal Fish Feed Pellet Making Machine Pelletizer

Household Mini Manual Animal Fish Feed Pellet Making Machine Pelletizer

Product Description:      Fish feed pelletizer for aquarium is widely used for producing grain into high-grade aquatic feed granule for fish, catfish, shrimp...

Household Mini Manual Animal Fish Feed Pellet Making Machine Pelletizer Description

Product Description:
     Fish feed pelletizer for aquarium is widely used for producing grain into high-grade aquatic feed granule for fish, catfish, shrimp and crab, ect. It can produce granule from diameter 1mm-9mm with different shapes. The puffing fish feed granule can float on the water surface without dissolution over 12 hours. According to your requirement and production scale, floating fish feed machine can be classified into dry type machine and wet type machine. Wet  type machine needs steam boiler as supporting device to work, has high yield than dry type in the same power.

Product Features:

A. Alloy (38CrMoAL) screw made by nitriding process, high strength and wear-resting.
B. Gearbox with automatic lubrication function, extending gear life. 
C. Self-cleaning ability, no need to discharge or clean the barrel and screw when roasting or replacing of materials. 
D. Production line is full automatic, only need 1-2 persons to operate.
E. For the fish food capacity, we have small capacity and large capacity for your reference. You can choose the capacity according to your budget.
F. Customized voltage, we can produce the machines according to your country voltage, such as 220V, 415V, 400V etc.

Packaging & Shipping
Packing: Export standard wooden case or Whole contaciner
Delivery time:Withing 4-7 working days.
Shipping:By sea

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Household Mini Manual Animal Fish Feed Pellet Making Machine Pelletizer Project Price List

Product QuantityMin Price ($)Max Price ($)
Ce Approved Pet Fish Feed Making Pellet Mill Fish Feed/Food Pelletizer 1 Set US61US42
Fish Feed Pellet Extruder Machine Pelletizer 1 Set US01US80
Fish Feed Pellet Extruder Machine Pelletizer 1 Set US16US62
China Supplier Poultry Fish/Pet/Dog/Cat Feed Pelletizer Best Price 1 Set US42US83
CE Aquatic Feed Pellet Machine Fish Shrimp Crab Feed Pelleting Machine Feed Pelletizer 1 Set US81US02
Factory Price Shrimp Floating Fish Crab Feed Granulator Pelletizer 1 Set US91US38
Floating Sinking Animal Feed Pellet Fish Feed Fish Food Machine Pelletizer 1 Set US23US43


Household Mini Manual Animal Fish Feed Pellet Making Machine Pelletizer Part Parameters

No.dDBCMinimum Buy QuantityInventoryWeight
AC-6307LLU35 mm80 mm21 mm33,5 kN - - 0,44 Kg
EX207-20G2L431.75 mm72 mm37.6 mm20 mm - - 0.66 kg
QVPX28V415ST4.938 Inch | 125.425 Millimeter5.82 Inch | 147.828 Millimeter6.125 Inch | 155.575 Millimeter - N/A0.056.296
HM746646-39 Inch | 228.6 Millimeter0 Inch | 0 Millimeter2.75 Inch | 69.85 Millimeter - N/A0.019.42
LERT529 - - - - N/A0.00
TRD-4458 PDL051 - - - - N/A0.0 -
MUCT208-24RFPZ - - - - N/A0.0 -
UCFL 208 251.563 Inch | 39.7 Millimeter1.937 Inch | 49.2 Millimeter - - N/A0.01.587
BGCA623ZZ - - - - - - -
22224-e1-c3-qbl120mm215mm58mm - - - -
6013 ZZ65 mm100 mm18 mm18 mm - - -
M631365 mm140 mm33 mm33 mm - - -
6240M200,000 mm360,000 mm58,000 mm58,000 mm - - -


Replacement Bearing of fish feed pelletizer Data List

No.dDBWeightUnit Body MaterialRolling Element MaterialC
6190215 mm28 mm7 mm - - - -
7912CTRSU60 mm85 mm13 mm0,191 Kg - - 19,4 kN
ESFE204-12T2019.05 mm - 21.4 mm0.65 kg - - 12.8 kN
EP2B-S2-111R1.688 Inch | 42.875 Millimeter2.67 Inch | 67.818 Millimeter2.125 Inch | 53.98 Millimeter4.45 - - -
Z-525350-04-DRGL - - - 525 - - -
7908CYU/GLP41.575 Inch | 40 Millimeter2.441 Inch | 62 Millimeter0.472 Inch | 12 Millimeter0.1 - - -
S1U520-TAF-3073.4375 in5.0000 in - - - - -
7238CDB FY190340110 - - - -
7204DF FY204728 - - - -
UCF204D1K220 - - - Cast IronBearing Steel -
UCFCX18D2K290 - - - Cast IronBearing Steel -
NK68/35R+IR60×68×3560 mm82 mm35 mm - - - 35 mm
98350/9878888,9 mm200 mm49,212 mm - - - 34,925 mm
NN3024-AS-K-M-SP120 mm180 mm46 mm - - - -


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