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Floating Fish Feed Production Plant Catish Feed Mill Plant Floating Fish Feed Production Plant Catish Feed Mill Plant Floating Fish Feed Production Plant Catish Feed Mill Plant Floating Fish Feed Production Plant Catish Feed Mill Plant

Floating Fish Feed Production Plant Catish Feed Mill Plant

Brief Introduction:     The fishing float making machinery and inflating production machine line can produce both floating and sinking feed pellets for fish,...

Floating Fish Feed Production Plant Catish Feed Mill Plant Description

Brief Introduction:

    The fishing float making machinery and inflating production machine line can produce both floating and sinking feed pellets for fish, shrimp, crab, etc. 
According to different fish varieties, the feed type will be various. And different ages fish require different sizes feed pellet. Our twin screw extruders can produce floating and sinking feed size range 1.2-12 mm by adjusting temperature, moisture, formulation and changing moulds. Our fishing float making machinery also can be used for dry pet food production, such as dog food, cat food, bird feed, monkey food, etc.

Main Features:

1.This kind of fish feed extruder machine owns simple structure, wide application, and low noise. 
2.It can improve the quality and floating time of the fish feed pellets.
3. Salmonellosis and bacterial infections of the raw materials will be eliminated after being processed by the high temperature and pressure.
4.We offer different die molds to meet the various needs of the diameters of feed pellets.
5.The high-quality steel is adopted to guarantee the long service life of the extruder. 
6.The jacketed construction of the extruder is adopted to control the extruding temperature by adding the materials with hot steam or cooling water. 
7.The fish feed pellets are more economical than the compound powder feed.

Packing and Delivery
1.Packaging: daub coal oil on the surface to protect the machine from moisture, Then cover with plastic film.Finally pack them with wooden case.
2.Customer's special packing requirement is available.

Customer Cases For Floating Fish Feed Production Plant Catish Feed Mill Plant For Factory In 2021

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2Floating Fish Feed Machine Production Plant Sale In India
3Good Quality Continuous Floating and Sinking Fish Feed Production Plant Process In Sri Lanka
4China Supplier Aquatic Fish Shrimp Feed Pellet Milling Plant For Sale Russia
5200-300kg/H Sinkging Fish Feed Production Plant Process In Sri Lanka
6Henan High Capacity Fish Feed Mill Machine Plant Sale In Greece
7Henan High Capacity Fish Feed Mill Machine Plant Process In Argentina
8Floating Fish Feed Production Plant Catish Feed Mill Plant Sale In Ethiopia


Customer Have Factory Case of fish feed production plant At 2021

1Automatic Pet Food Making Machine Manufacture Plant For Sale Brazil
2Animal/Poultry/Cattle/Fish Feed Pellet Production Line Plant Sale In Saudi Arabia
3China Supplier Aquatic Fish Shrimp Feed Pellet Milling Plant Sale In Algeria
4Automatic Production 100-500kg/H Small Fish Feed Plant and Poultry Feed Plant For Sale Saudi Arabia
5New Product Home Used The Best with High Yield Fish Feed Mill Plant Process In Algeria
6Customized Floating Feed Pellet Extruder Carps Trout Guppy Koi Feed Machine Fish Food Production Machinery Line Plant For Sale Algeria
7Multi - Function Automatic Fish Feed Production Plant Process In Malaysia
8Nutrition Floating Fish Feed Pellet Equipment/Production Line/Plant For Sale United Arab Emirates


Floating Fish Feed Production Plant Catish Feed Mill Plant Project Price List

Product QuantityMin Price ($)Max Price ($)
Large capacity floating fish feed making plant supplier production price 1 Set US32US92
Turnkey Project Fish Feed Pellet Production Plant 1 Set US60US30
Floating Fish Feed Pellet Machine Catty Feed Pellet Mill Animal Feed Production Line Poultry Feed Machine Feed Processing Plant 1 Set US91US68
Animal/Poultry/Cattle/Fish Feed Pellet Production Line Plant 1 Set US34US00
Dry Pet Dog Cat Food Making Machine Chicken Bird Floating Sinking Fish Feed Pellet Production Machinery Plant 1 Set US68US23
Small Middle Big Size Fish Feed Pellet Extruding Machine Animal Fodder Production Machinery Plant Device 1 Set US34US65


Floating Fish Feed Production Plant Catish Feed Mill Plant Part Parameters

No.dDBWeightEANRolling ElementInch - Metric
51120100 mm135 mm - 0,97 Kg - - -
52324-MP100 mm210 mm27 mm - - - -
UCFL205-1422,225 mm - 34,1 mm0,64 Kg - - -
UKPAE.208H35 mm - 29 mm1.7 kg - - -
ZP2315FB3.938 Inch | 100.025 Millimeter5.188 Inch | 131.775 Millimeter5 Inch | 127 Millimeter40.860698210023485Spherical Roller BearingInch
2308 M/VQ3351.575 Inch | 40 Millimeter3.543 Inch | 90 Millimeter - 07316570631531Ball BearingMetric
FB260UR X 1-3/41.75 Inch | 44.45 Millimeter1.622 Inch | 41.2 Millimeter - 2.7220662798362304Ball BearingInch
C-UCP213D12.559 Inch | 65 Millimeter2.563 Inch | 65.09 Millimeter3 Inch | 76.2 Millimeter7.214547359040920Ball BearingMetric
D-32A - 3.844 Inch | 97.638 Millimeter - 0.550644075264518Ball BearingInch
31306J2/Q30 mm72 mm19 mm - - - -
EE231462/232026D+X1S-231462371,475 mm514,35 mm - - - - -
630317 mm47 mm14 mm - - - -
6403-2RS17 mm62 mm17 mm - - - -


Replacement Bearing of fish feed production plant Data List

HR33207J35 mm72 mm86,5 kN28 mm0,54 Kg10835x72x28
71906 CTBP430 mm47 mm8,65 kN - 0,05 Kg6,55 kN30x47x9
MF-15161221 mm14,5 kN - 0,018 Kg23.64115x21x16
4T-HM89444/HM8941033,338 mm76,2 mm78 kN28,575 mm0,665 Kg105 kN33.338x76.2x29.37
UCFD20630 mm - 19.5 kN30 mm0.67 kg11.2 kN -
POS3 - - - - 0 - -
61808 P/61.575 Inch | 40 Millimeter2.047 Inch | 52 Millimeter - 0.276 Inch | 7 Millimeter0.034 - -
DPEP121512 - - - - 0.02 - -
UKFCX13+HS23132.3750 in - - 7.6406 in - - -
BACZ6801VV-35 - - - - - - -
22206 K30 mm62 mm20 mm20 mm - - -
23044 KCW33+H3044220 mm340 mm90 mm90 mm - - -
45238190 mm290 mm - 75 mm - - -
63318-2RS90 mm190 mm73 mm73 mm - - -


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