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Fish Feed Extruder Poultry Animal/Pet Food Pellet Mill Machine Fish Feed Extruder Poultry Animal/Pet Food Pellet Mill Machine Fish Feed Extruder Poultry Animal/Pet Food Pellet Mill Machine

Fish Feed Extruder Poultry Animal/Pet Food Pellet Mill Machine

Product Information:       Fish food extruder machine is widely used for producing grains into high-grade aquatic feed pellets for fish,catfish,...
  • 220V/50Hz 380V/50Hz
  • 2000-5000kg
  • 1 Year
  • Siemens, LG, ABB, Chinese Brand
  • Stainless Steel
  • Keysong
  • Wooden Case
  • 18000*1200*20000mm
  • Shandong China
  • 8438800000

fish food extruder machine Details

Voltages:220V/50Hz 380V/50Hz Weight:2000-5000kg
Warranty:1 Year Motor:Siemens, LG, ABB, Chinese Brand
Materials:Stainless Steel Trademark:Keysong
Transport Package:Wooden Case Specification:18000*1200*20000mm
Origin:Shandong China HS Code:8438800000

Fish Feed Extruder Poultry Animal/Pet Food Pellet Mill Machine Description

Product Information:

      Fish food extruder machine is widely used for producing grains into high-grade aquatic feed pellets for fish,catfish, shrimps, crab etc The feed pellet size can be from 1mm to 12mm by changing the moulds.It is suitable for making feed for small fish to big fish.

Product Features:

1. Advanced diced structure. Adopting knife shaft locating spring combined cutting form to cut the same length particle.
2. The screw adopts abrasion-resisting high temperature alloy steel, with characters of abrasion-resistance and long service.
3. There is unique pressurized die device inside to ensure the feed's production and quality.
4. Reasonable mainshaft bearing combination to ensure puffing machine's security and duration.
5. Main motor adopts high quality three-phase motor to ensure strong power.
6. The particle puffing feed produced by this machine can float in water 12 hours without dispersing. It is pollution-free and easy to be digested by fish.
7. The feed after produced through high temperature can kill escherichia coli, salmonella and other harmful bacterial , ensure the feed's hygiene. 
8. It can save feed 8%-15%.

Packing &Delivery
1.Use anti-rust oil to wipe the equipment for floating fish feed pellet granulator making machine in bangladesh
2.air cushion film packaging equipment for small fish feed mill plant  
3.with a wooden box for the final step of packaging for fish feed manufacturing machine

Fish Feed Extruder Poultry Animal/Pet Food Pellet Mill Machine Project Price List

Product QuantityMin Price ($)Max Price ($)
Energy Saving Dry Floating Aqua Fish Feed Pellet Mill Extruder Ornamental Fish Food Extruder Production Machine 1 Set US09US45
150kgs Floating Fish Feed Pellet Making Machine/ Aquatic Fish Small Dog Food Extruder Machine 1 Set US37US28
Ce Certificate Crab Shrimp Fish Food Processing Extruder Machine 1 Set US54US39
Floating Fish Feed Food Pellet Making Extruder Machine (WSP) 1 Set US04US36
Manufacturer Supplier Pet Food Machine/Dog/Cat/Bird/Fish Processing Line Extruder 1 Set US29US19
Fish Feed Extruder Fish Food Making Machine 1 Set US82US26
Floating Fish Food Processing Line / Catfish Feed Pellet Making Extruder Machine 1 Set US60US80


Customer Cases For fish food extruder machine For Factory In 2021

1Pet Food Extruder Dry Dog Cat Fish Food Making Machine Process In Nigeria
2Small Animal Pet Cat Fish Food Making Extruder Floating Fish Feed Pellet Machine Process In India
3Fish Dog Cat Bird Food Processing 300-400kg/H Floating Fish Feed Mill Pellet Extruder Machine Sale In Russia
4Animal Pet Food Dog Feed Making Machine Fish Feed Snack Extruder Sale In Brazil
5Puffing Pet/Dog/Cat Floating Fish Pellet Feed/Food Making Extruding Machine Process In Sri Lanka
6Floating Fish Food Extruder/1-9mm Floating Feed Pellet Making Machine Sale In Argentina
7Large Capacity Automatic Aquatic Fish Shrimp Feed Food Production Extruder Machine For Sale Brazil


Customer Case Of Fish Feed Extruder Poultry Animal/Pet Food Pellet Mill Machine At 2021

13D Pellet Snack Rusk Extruder Fish Shrimp Cracker Making Machine Prawn Chips Production For Sale United Arab Emirates
2China Made High Output Ce Floating Fish Food Extruder Machine For Sale Ethiopia
3Ce Certificate Automatic Floating Fish Food Extruder Machine For Sale United Arab Emirates
4Dgp Series Pet Fish Food Pellet Feed Making Machine Pet Food Extruder Machine Pet Food Extruder Machine For Sale Sri Lanka
53D Pellet Snack Rusk Extruder Fish Shrimp Cracker Making Machine Process In Saudi Arabia
6Fish Food Extruder Equipment Floating Fish Feed Processing Line For Sale Ethiopia
7Double Screw Extruder of Foods for Raising Pets and Fish For Sale Algeria


Fish Feed Extruder Poultry Animal/Pet Food Pellet Mill Machine Part Parameters

No.dDBDiametro del foroDiametro esternoLarghezzaMinimum Buy Quantity
BDAB 634200 C/QGB0.787 Inch | 20 Millimeter1.85 Inch | 47 Millimeter2.5 Inch | 63.5 Millimeter - - - N/A
6201-NR-C30.472 Inch | 12 Millimeter1.26 Inch | 32 Millimeter - - - - N/A
6320-2RZ-C3 - - - - - - N/A
YCJM1 1/21.5000 in4.1250 in5.3750 in - - - -
FX3U223E31.4375 in5.1250 in - - - - -
HJ 1052260 mm - - - - - -
LSM50BXHFRSS - - - - - - -
BGSZ6006DD-80 - - - - - - -
23232cke4-nsk160mm290mm104mm - - - -
53210U50 mm78 mm - 507826 -
UCF31260 mm - 71 mm60 - - -
NCF1836-V180 mm225 mm22 mm180215,222 -
6707LLF35,000 mm44,000 mm5,000 mm35,00044,0005,000 -


Parameter list of fish food extruder machine

No.dDWeightBCMinimum Buy QuantityDiametro esterno
1010KLL15,875 mm40 mm0,141 Kg27,78 mm10,7 kN - -
F1603839 mm75 mm - 37 mm - - -
EXFA207-20T0431.75 mm - 1.46 kg37.6 mm25.7 kN - -
623 ZZ BULK0.118 Inch | 3 Millimeter0.394 Inch | 10 Millimeter0.05 - - N/A -
BTM206-19NPMZ21.188 Inch | 30.175 Millimeter1.193 Inch | 30.3 Millimeter0.45 - - N/A -
N-1014-KMS P/52.756 Inch | 70 Millimeter4.331 Inch | 110 Millimeter0.70.787 Inch | 20 Millimeter - N/A -
6004-2Z/C3VA21010.787 Inch | 20 Millimeter1.654 Inch | 42 Millimeter0.074 - - N/A -
K 26X30X17 - - 0.015 - - N/A -
HMXL10G0.6250 in - 0.46 lbs - - - -
230/900BK900 mm1 280 mm - 280 mm280 mm - 1280
620525 mm52 mm - 15 mm - - 2.047 Inch | 52 Millimeter
4T-LL319349/LL31931095,25 mm128,588 mm - 15,083 mm11,908 mm - 128,588
6808-2NKE40 mm52 mm - 7 mm7 mm - 52


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