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Canned Fruits and Vegetables Fish Seafood Making Machine Production Line Machine Price Canned Fruits and Vegetables Fish Seafood Making Machine Production Line Machine Price Canned Fruits and Vegetables Fish Seafood Making Machine Production Line Machine Price

Canned Fruits and Vegetables Fish Seafood Making Machine Production Line Machine Price

Product Information:    Fish food machines, Along with the development of the society, the feeds for fish, shrimp, chicken, duck, and pet foods of cats and...

Canned Fruits and Vegetables Fish Seafood Making Machine Production Line Machine Price Description

Product Information:

   Fish food machines, Along with the development of the society, the feeds for fish, shrimp, chicken, duck, and pet foods of cats and dogs are in high demand currently. The final products have unique shape and good taste, high nutrition, smooth textures. For feeds of fish and shrimp, the floating time in water can be adjusted by the extrusion degree adjustment.

Main Features:

1). The fish feed pellets can float on water for over 20 hours.And sinking and floating aqua-feed pellets both can be made just by adjusting the feed formulation. 
2). Pellet diameter is 0.9mm-15mm by changing the mold.The cutter can cutting the pellets into different length.
3)The feeding speed,cutting speed,temperature all can be adjusted.
4).The machine also can make feed for pet like dog,cat with different shapes and we can customized the shape for you.


Q1:Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?
A1:We are a company with more than 10 years of experience in manufacturing feed machinery, and we have our own foreign trade department.

Q2: What are the payment terms?
A2: We usually accept payment by T/T, L/C, Western Union or Escrow.

Q3: Do you provide samples ? is it free or extra ?
A3: Yes, we could offer the sample for free charge but do not pay the cost of freight.

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Canned Fruits and Vegetables Fish Seafood Making Machine Production Line Machine Price Project Price List

Product QuantityMin Price ($)Max Price ($)
High Capacity Pet Food Making Floating Fish Feed Machine Price 1 Set US05US65
China Best Price Dog Cat Bird Fish Pet Food Making Machine 1 Set US34US01
Floating Fish Food Pellet Processing Making Extruder Price Fish Feed Machine Feed Pellet Scale Floating Fish Machine 1 Set US80US69
China Direct Factory Sale Price Seawater Marine Grade Ice Making Machine for Coast Line Fish/Food Industry 1 Set US69US87
Right price floating and sinking fish food making machine seller 1 Set US16US29
Floating Fish Food Pellet Production Line Equipment Plant Prices Sinking Fish Feed Making Processing Extruder Manufacturing Machine 1 Set US91US73
Automatic Fish Food Mill Equipment Good Price Fish Feed Pellet Making Machine 1 Set US79US85
Top Quality Different Capacity Floating Fish Food Pellet Processing Making Extruder Price Floating Fish Feed Machine 1 Set US00US10


Canned Fruits and Vegetables Fish Seafood Making Machine Production Line Machine Price Part Parameters

HCB7228-E-T-P4S140 mm250 mm42 mm - - - 140x250x42
NKI42/2042 mm57 mm20 mm20 mm - - 42x57x20
721050 mm90 mm20 mm41,5 kN - - 50x90x20
22318.E.F80090 mm190 mm64 mm - - - -
EXF207-21T0433.34 mm - 37.6 mm25.7 kN1.64 kg - -
22210RHW33C3 - - - - 0 - -
71279947 - - - - 0 - -
ECOP081124 - - - - 0.029 - -
6005ZZP5/2AS254712 - - Ball -
BGCNB6906ZZ - - - - - Bearings with Housings -
W 608 R-2Z8 mm22 mm7 mm1,5 mm - - -
68/800800 mm980 mm82 mm - - - -


Replacement Bearing of fish food making machine price Data List

B-10720,638 mm15,8759,39 kN - 15.875x20.638x11.1311,130,009 Kg
ST3580-180 mm35 mm20,5 mm26 mm35x80x2626 -
61818-Y115 mm90 mm - 13 mm90x115x1313 -
3320772 mm35 mm87,5 kN28 mm35x72x28280,531 Kg
39591/39520112,712 mm66,675 mm155 kN30,162 mm66.675x112.712x30.16230,1621,17 Kg
UCFLE208-24T20CC - 38.1 mm29.6 kN49.2 mm - - 1.76 kg
NF810-5 - - - - - - 0.002
22322-E1A-K-M240 mm110 mm - 80 mm - - -
2305-2rstnc3-qbl62mm25mm - 24mm - - -
7002UCG/GNP4232 mm15 mm9 mm9 mm - - -
23172 EKW33+OH3172600 mm340 mm192 mm192 mm - - -
6800Z19,000 mm10,000 mm5,000 mm5,000 mm - - -


What is fish feed extruder machine?

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  • 6、Working Process of Floating Fish Feed Extruder ... When the raw material is sent into feeding device, they will be pressed by the screw shaft with high pressure ...Used for: making fish feed,dog food,cat food,pet ...Capacity: 400-500kg/hFinal pellets shape: ball shape,bone shape,heart ...

What are the benefits of pellets in capsule technology?

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  • 2、by H Kathpalia · 2014 · Cited by 20 — Advantages of capsule over tablets [4]. ♢ Fewer developmental problems in ... pellets. [27-30]. B. Liquids. Liquid-fill hard gelatin capsule technology was.
  • 3、by SM Majeed · 2020 · Cited by 2 — Multiparticulate tablets combine the benefits of both a tablet and a ... There are several techniques for the production of pellets in.
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  • 6、by P Abhishek · 2012 — oral dosage forms today include tablets, capsules, granules and pellets. ... Sustained release technologies can improve the therapeutic efficacy and safety.

How many pellets do I feed my fish?

  • 1、Cited by 577 — Meanwhile, fish feeds manufactured with bacterial or yeast proteins are often deficient in both methionine and lysine. Therefore, these amino acids must be ...
  • 2、How Do I Know If I Am Feeding My Betta Enough? — You should feed your Betta fish between 2 and 4 pellets, once or twice each day. The size of each of ...
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  • 5、If you get pellets and they are the mini pellets 3 should do per feeding however your Betta will let you know if that is too much if they don't eat all of the ...
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How do you make fish feeds?

  • 1、About two kg of orange and potato peels wastes were collected and dried for 1 week continuously. After 1 week, it was oven-dried and then pulverized to make into 
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  • 5、Small quantities of fish feed can be made quite easily in the laboratory, classroom, or at home, with common ingredients and simple kitchen or laboratory 
  • 6、For, example, farmers might develop pasture using planned grazing for cattle; make hog feed from crop residue and by-products (such as whey and skim milk); 

What are the advantages of pelleting feed?

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What is pellet binder?

  • 1、Do you know the lignin and binders used to make your own pellets? How do they influce your pellet making machine and your pellet quality?
  • 2、We, China Pellet Binder Manufacturers, China Pellet Binder Suppliers, provide quality Pellet Binder product and the products related with China Pellet Binder 
  • 3、Pellet binding agent designed especially for feeds containing at least 3% molasses. MolastikR firms up the molasses causing it to bind the feed ingredients into 
  • 4、US4988520A - Binder for pelleted animal feeds - Google Patents ... For example, bentonite and certain other pellet binders are not permitted in combination with 
  • 5、Jul 16, 2015 — To improve the pellet quality or maximize production capacity, you can add binder to help the lignin-lacked material to compress into pellets 
  • 6、1997 products — Alibaba.com offers 1997 pellet binder products. A wide variety of pellet binder options are available to you, such as efficacy

What role does feed section play extrusion process?

  • 1、“Part of this is marketing to the consumers' desires and part is often an increase ... A wet animal product extrusion line can play several roles with these ...
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  • 3、Dec 11, 2012 — The energy in the product will then be transferred to the water or ... heaters, is becoming a very important part of extrusion technology.
  • 4、what is the general layer of an extrusion machine? feed hopper --> feeding device ... feed section, transition or compression region, metering section.
  • 5、by KA Adekola · Cited by 18 — gaining recognition in modeling different sections of food extruder. This work also points out some of the ... The screw has three sections: (i) feed ii).
  • 6、Günter Beyer, ‎Christian Hopmann · 2018 · ‎ScienceDepending on the feedstock or recipe, feed streams, either solid or liquid, may be introduced at a number of locations along the process section.

How are fish pellets made?

  • 1、Many types of farmed seafood are raised on feeds made from wild fish. ... per cent of the fish used in these so called “reduction fisheries” are food-grade ...
  • 2、Jul 2, 2021 — The feeds are made either using a pellet mill or extrusion. The choice of the process primarily depends on what type of feed would be made ...
  • 3、Fish meal, coarsely ground powder made from the cooked flesh of fish. ... roe) or the mass of sperm, or milt, of a male fish (soft roe), considered as food.
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