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Right price floating and sinking fish food making machine seller Right price floating and sinking fish food making machine seller Right price floating and sinking fish food making machine seller

Right price floating and sinking fish food making machine seller

Basic Info:    Pet Food Making Extruder Machine For Animal Feed Extruder is widely used for producing grains into high-grade aquatic feed pellets for...

Right price floating and sinking fish food making machine seller Description

Basic Info:

   Pet Food Making Extruder Machine For Animal Feed Extruder is widely used for producing grains into high-grade aquatic feed pellets for fish,catfish,tilapia,shrimps,crab etc.The produced fish feed pellets can float on the water surface without dissolution for over 12 hours.According to your requirement and production scale,pet food extruder machine be classified into dry type machine and wet type machine.


1. It is the equipment which classifies mixtures of various particle sizes through vibrating screen;
2. Self-balancing is adopted for driving. There are two vibrating motors mounted on screener hull symmetrically, which rotation direction is contrary to ensure sifting effect;
3. It is small space occupied, stable and widely used.

Our Service:
1. OEM & ODM
2. One year guarantee and life-time maintenance service.
3. Consultation service before, during, and after sales.
4. Project planning and design services.
5. Debugging of machines until all are functional.
6. Training the customers how to operate and maintain the machines correctly.
7. Offer new product techniques and recipes timely.

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Right price floating and sinking fish food making machine seller Project Price List

Product QuantityMin Price ($)Max Price ($)
Floating Fish Food Pellet Processing Making Extruder Price Fish Feed Machine Feed Pellet Scale Floating Fish Machine 1 Set US76US54
Automatic Fish Food Mill Equipment Good Price Fish Feed Pellet Making Machine 1 Set US96US17
Top Quality Different Capacity Floating Fish Food Pellet Processing Making Extruder Price Floating Fish Feed Machine 1 Set US77US65
High Capacity Pet Food Making Floating Fish Feed Machine Price 1 Set US42US79
China Direct Factory Sale Price Seawater Marine Grade Ice Making Machine for Coast Line Fish/Food Industry 1 Set US82US09


Right price floating and sinking fish food making machine seller Part Parameters

No.dWeightInventoryMinimum Buy QuantityCJL
UKPK216+H231670 mm - - - - 232 mm288 mm
RCJY55-JIS55 mm3,3 Kg0.0N/A43,5 kN130 mm162 mm
USP210-30T04CO47.62 mm2.9 kg - - 35.1 kN159 mm206 mm
SRE-PB2-203R3NE - 8.620.0N/A - - -
R1370D - 0.0160.0N/A - - -
RCJY1-15/16-N - 00.0N/A - - -
32052T189 X/DB260 mm - - - 145 mm - -
6226-C3 - 5.850 Kg - - - - -
GE80ES-2RS - - - - - - -
6801VV12 mm - - - 5 mm - -


Replacement Bearing of fish food making machine price Data List

No.dDBWeightMinimum Buy QuantityCHousing Material
391995 mm165 mm - 4.810 Kg - 253 kN -
USFC205T2025 mm - 27 mm0.97 kg - 14 kN -
BSF-1624-10 - - - - N/A - -
QVVPN20V304SN3.25 Inch | 82.55 Millimeter4.63 Inch | 117.602 Millimeter4.409 Inch | 112 Millimeter24.97N/A - Cast Steel
LR208-X-2RS1.575 Inch | 40 Millimeter - - 0.491N/A - -
NJ2230EC3150 mm270 mm73 mm - - - -
BGTW6903VV-[25,50]-[20,25] - - - - - - 1045 Carbon Steel
61840/c3-skf200mm250mm24mm - - - -
670840 mm50 mm6 mm - - 6 mm -


How do you make floating fish feed?

  • 1、Made from base recipe containing 70% soybean meal, 20% wheat flour, and 10% fish meal. After coating, these products contained. 22% fat and 35.5% protein
  • 2、Manufactured feeds are an important part of modern commercial aquaculture, providing the ... Other forms of fish feed being used include feeds made entirely with vegetable materials for ... make pellets that suit different fish farming methods, for example feeds that float or sink slowly and feeds suited to recirculation systems
  • 3、Here's a method of making homemade fish food pellets for amateur aquaculturists who can't afford commercial feed
  • 4、May 1, 2017 - The preparation of floating & sinking fish feeds by extrusion ... the expansion; it will make the product heavier but the interiors are still porous
  • 5、1958 PRG'GESS F PREPARING A FLOATING "FISH FOOD Herbert M. Auerbach, . ... A heat much greater than that indicated will create too large a cell while too 
  • 6、KEY WORDS: floating catalysts, feeds, pellet, and flake. INTRODUCTION. Fish feed cost is a major factor militating against fish culture in Nigeria in that it accounts 

How do you make a floating fish feed?

    What are the advantages of pelleting feed?

    • 1、Dec 4, 2019 — Although the process of pelleting is costly, the benefits to animal performance outweighs the expense. When mash feed is steam conditioned ...
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    • 3、May 5, 2019 — The feed pellet machine has many advantages in term of the feed making machine. · Compared with the traditional feedstuff, feed mills are easy to ...
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    What is a disadvantage of pellet?

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    • 6、In general, processing complete swine or poultry feeds into pellets ... The advantages of feeding growing pigs pelleted diets over standard meal form diets ...

    What is the purpose of pelleting?

    • 1、Jan 2, 2021 — During pelleting, the feed mixture is heated in the conditioner by adding steam. Conditioning has several aims: it improves pellet quality ...
    • 2、The Leader in Technical Knowledge for the Pelleting Industry www.andritz.com. Conditioning Objectives. • Conditioning provides time for steam and other ...
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    What role does feed section play extrusion process?

    • 1、The specific adjustability and uniform viscosity of the stabilized polypropylene during the extrusion process plays a crucial role in terms of process ...
    • 2、What role does feed section play in extrusion process? — The feed attains fine structure that is ... its surface area and aids transport of ...
    • 3、Tempering plays an important role in producing extruded fish feed. When producing extruded sinking feed, operators should weaken the intense effect of ...
    • 4、by S Cole · 2019 — Citation of manufacturer's or trade names does not constitute an official ... A) side walls, B) top and bottom sections, C) feed port into the die,.
    • 5、May 1, 2006 — Also, PAK 350 single-screw extruder featuring plug-and-play installation. The 3½-inch-display machine has bimetallic barrel, chrome-plated screw ...
    • 6、by KA Adekola · Cited by 18 — gaining recognition in modeling different sections of food extruder. This work also points out some of the ... The screw has three sections: (i) feed ii).

    How are fish pellets made?

    • 1、Nov 29, 2021 — What Is Fish Food Made Of? The basic components of most flaked fish food include the following: fish meal, squid meal, shrimp meal, ...
    • 2、Aug 25, 2016 — The typical fish-farm diet (“aquafeed,” in industry parlance) contains fish — specifically fish meal and fish oil, made largely from wild-caught ...
    • 3、by S Zettl · 2019 · Cited by 9 — This study investigated the properties of fish pellets made with plant-based ingredients intended for rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) or other Salmonids ...
    • 4、Optimal Fish Food produces the highest quality, performance-driven fish feed in the marketplace for bass, bluegill, and other pond species.
    • 5、Drying & Cooling: Floating fish feedwould be of necessity pellet with high moisture content when it leaves the pelleting die. In case of pellets sticky, farmers ...
    • 6、To make better fish, more fish, so farmers can get rich and people can have more food.” Picture of a catfish farm in Mississippi and tilapia with a mouthful ...




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