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fish feed manufacturing machinery fish food machine 2 ton fish feed manufacturing machinery fish food machine 2 ton fish feed manufacturing machinery fish food machine 2 ton

fish feed manufacturing machinery fish food machine 2 ton

Description:     Fish food manufacturing machines is used for processing for dogs and cats (pet food), birds, piglets, frogs, sinking and floating aquatic...
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fish feed manufacturing machinery fish food machine 2 ton Description


    Fish food manufacturing machines is used for processing for dogs and cats (pet food), birds, piglets, frogs, sinking and floating aquatic feeds for fish. Which is high and new technical program as to catch the developing pet food market. CE certificate best price floating aquarium fish feed pellet food making machine mainly use maize, fish powder, meat powder and some food additive as main raw material, through mixing, extruding, roasting, flavoring to get the final puffed pet food. 

Main Features:

1).Fish feed pellets can float on water for over 20 hours.Sinking and floating fish feed both can be made by adjusting formulation.
2).High temperature and high pressure cooking process can kill the salmonellosis and bacterial infections and also makes the pellets easily to digest.
3).Electric heating device is adopted which can improve the feed expansion rate and pellets floating time.
4).The screw adopts abrasion-resisting high temperature alloy steel, with characters of abrasion-resistance and long service.
5).The feeding speed,cutting speed both can be adjusted.

Our Service:
1)Provide factory layout according to your factory size in advance;
2)Provide the basic formula;
3)Inspect the machine before leaving the factory;Oversea installation and commissioning equipment;
4)Technician will work with your workers together and teach your workers how to install machines, how to operate machines, how to maintain machines during daily working;
5)Our engineers will teach your workers how to clean the extruder, how to change the screw, how to change barrel etc, and provide technology support with you forever;
6)Provide English Version of Installation / Operation / Service / Maintenance Manual.

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fish feed manufacturing machinery fish food machine 2 ton Project Price List

Product QuantityMin Price ($)Max Price ($)
2021 New Production Floating Fish Feed Food Extrusion Manufacturing Machine 1 Set US86US85
Expanded Floating Granular Fish Food Manufacturing Machinery 1 Set US90US76
New Design Dog Cat Fish Food Bird Chicken Feed Manufacturing Machine 1 Set US96US21
Stainless Steel Floating Aquaculture Feed Pellet Production Equipment Expanded Floating Granular Fish Food Manufacturing Machinery 1 Set US53US34
Factory Direct Supply Big Capacity 2-6t/H Multifunctional Dog Food Cat Food Fish Feed Shrimp Feed Bird Feed Pet Food Processing Manufacturing Making Machinery 1 Set US28US16
2020 Hot Sales Automatic Dry Pet Dog Cat Fish Food Manufacturing Making Extruder Machinery 1 Set US28US06
Expanded Floating Granular Fish Food Manufacturing Machinery 1 Set US72US34
Pet Dog Cat Food Fish Feed Pellet Manufacturing Machinery 1 Set US44US15
High-Efficiency Continuous Animal Feed Machinery in Kenya for Fish Feeds Manufacturing Fish Farm Aquatic Food Production Line 1 Set US42US52


fish feed manufacturing machinery fish food machine 2 ton Part Parameters

No.dDBCWeightEANMinimum Buy Quantity
UCT213-40E63,5 mm - 65,1 mm57,2 kN6,9 Kg - -
3NC6008HT4 GF40 mm68 mm15 mm15 mm - - -
EP-0816160.502 Inch | 12.751 Millimeter1 Inch | 25.4 Millimeter - - 00846802031527N/A
TAMC20K090SET3.543 Inch | 90 Millimeter8.125 Inch | 206.375 Millimeter - - 14.5280883450123631N/A
23236BF3 - - - - 04547359286007N/A
NU219EG1C4 - - - - 2.97 - N/A
SB 22222 W33 TSS VA110 mm200 mm53 mm - - - -
FB260CTWX1-1/41.2500 in - - - - - -
H213X2032.1875 in - - - - - -
P2B-GTB-10 - - - - - - -
SA1-25B25 mm42 mm20 mm16 mm - 4547359180176 -
NA 4917U85 mm120 mm36 mm35 mm - - -
6799 mm14 mm3 mm3 mm - - -


Replacement Bearing of fish food manufacturing machines Data List

No.dDBWeightCEANMinimum Buy Quantity
ZARF 35110 L TN35 mm110 mm14 mm1,85 Kg18 mm - -
22252E260 mm480 mm130 mm107 Kg3100 kN - -
NU 2292460 mm830 mm212 mm530 Kg5018 kN - -
QVVFL16V075SEO2.953 Inch | 75 Millimeter4.08 Inch | 103.632 Millimeter - 10.442 - 0883450236935N/A
FXRUG216NK751 Inch | 25.4 Millimeter1.359 Inch | 34.53 Millimeter - 0.45 - 0662327994228N/A
BU-T314D1 - - - 0 - 4547359034967N/A
UGSLF202-100.625 Inch | 15.875 Millimeter1.469 Inch | 37.3 Millimeter - 0.55 - 0808250106783N/A
GRP208-25 - - - 0 - 8865590624379N/A
23980CAME440021.26 Inch | 540 Millimeter4.173 Inch | 106 Millimeter7123700029176089695N/A
SFT-32RTC CR2.0000 in6.1875 in4.5625 in - - - -
WS8110840603.5 - - - -
6307LLBC3/5K358021 - - - -
23156RHAK280 mm460 mm146 mm - 146 mm - -
678AZZ8 mm12 mm3,5 mm - 3,5 mm - -


How do you make floating fish feed?

  • 1、KEY WORDS: floating catalysts, feeds, pellet, and flake. INTRODUCTION. Fish feed cost is a major factor militating against fish culture in Nigeria in that it accounts 
  • 2、Jun 21, 2019 - Fish feed on organic materials or prepared feed in order to survive. It is very crucial for fish farmers to ensure that the fish get all the food they 
  • 3、Floating aquafeeds. ▫ Texturization ... Extruder. Raw feed ingredients. Extruded products. Conditioner. Feed. Bin ... Screw can't push dough or build up pressure
  • 4、IV. Floating Fish Feed Production. First the ingredients for making fish feed are ground more finely by the hammer mill, thereby making the feed more digestible. Powdered ingredients are mixed in a certain proportion by fish feed mixer. The kernel step of feed production is extrusion
  • 5、To satisfy high demands for cost-effective, and high-performance fish feed pellets in world market, we specially customize this floating fish feed pellet plant
  • 6、Here's a method of making homemade fish food pellets for amateur aquaculturists who can't afford commercial feed

How many pellets do I feed my fish?

  • 1、In fact, one of the best things you can do for your aquarium fish is to not feed them one day a week. My aquarium fish often will go unfed two or even three ...
  • 2、Any food the fish does not eat will pollute the tank. ... Over time, you will get a better idea for how much food the fish can eat, and you can adjust the ...
  • 3、Feed your fish food specifically formulated for their type and beware of toxins. Food can be in the form of fish flakes or fish pellets.
  • 4、A quality dry food (flakes and pellets) should have 50% protein and fat content somewhere in the teens. Frozen foods contain a lot of water weight and high- ...
  • 5、Generally spoken, the digestive time for fish kept in 74-78 degrees is about 16-24 hours. Therefore once-a-day feeding is ample. Increasing levels of nitrates ...
  • 6、The pellets will sink after time, so make sure that you give just enough food to ensure any extra food does not fowl the tank. Flakes Flakes Betta fish do not ...

How do you make a floating fish feed?

    What is the difference between pelleting and extrusion?

    • 1、Due to its small volume, simple operation, it can be used for making pellets at home. Straw Pellet Machine for Sale and Pellet Plant Manufacturer · Differences ...
    • 2、An extrusion pelletizing machine uses a die and cutter system to form the mixture being pushed through it into pellets. A Bonnot pellet extruder can be ...
    • 3、Feb 7, 2017 — The expansion of starches during high pressure extrusion gives the feed a lighter, bulkier consistency, unlike the denser pellets produced ...
    • 4、Nov 19, 2016 — I need help on extrusion of fish sinking feed . ... Also the additional difference in making sinking feeds by pellet mills and extrudes is ...73 answers  ·  Top answer: Denis; Extrude Fish Feed is one of the most difficult application for an extruder/expander due to the nature of the ingredients and also due ...
    • 5、Extrusion requires higher levels of moisture, heat, and pressure than pelleting. Temperature higher than 100℃ is needed in order to achieve expansion of the ...
    • 6、by Y Zambrano · 2022 — Interestingly, no significant differences were observed when analyzing the ratio between the volume of the expanded products and the volume of the pellet ...

    How do you make industrial fish food?

    • 1、the bulk of their feed from commercial manufacturers. However, small quantities of specialized feeds are o en. needed for experimental purposes, feeding di  ...
    • 2、Fish meal, coarsely ground powder made from the cooked flesh of fish. Though formerly important as a fertilizer, fish meal is now mainly used in animal ...
    • 3、Mar 1, 2021 — Exported to the United States, Europe, and Asia, fish meal is used as ... embraced the idea that industrial aquaculture could help feed the ...
    • 4、Modern fish feeds are made by grinding and mixing together ingredients such as fishmeal, vegetable proteins and binding agents such as wheat. Water is added and ...
    • 5、by F Chapman · Cited by 5 — generally made on the basis of cost and perceived ... Although most commercial foods will have a ... commercial fish foods are nutritionally adequate,.
    • 6、Aug 25, 2021 — If you're done with regular commercial pellets or need to cut your aquarium spending, keep reading! Gel food is a great alternative to the ...

    What is extruder feed?

    • 1、by X SERRANO · 1997 · Cited by 30 — On the other hand, the use of extruded full-fat soybeans improved the performance parameters of the piglets. Key words: Feed manufacturing, extrusion, nutrients ...
    • 2、The increased feeder capacity of Diamond America's bulk feed extrusion equipment allows for efficient, immediate processing of large batches of material.
    • 3、Jul 27, 2019 — Over time, horse feeds manufactured to meet equine energy and nutrient needs have evolved from mixes of whole grains to textured, pelleted, and ...
    • 4、Feb 12, 2015 — 3- In the case of floating fish feed, extrusion allows you to control the buoyancy of the pellet by the degree of starch gelatinization ...
    • 5、Extrusion is used in food processing, forcing soft mixed ingredients through an opening in a perforated plate or die designed to produce the required shape.
    • 6、Jan 9, 2020 — The feed pellet machine simply compresses the material into pellets by extrusion, which is also called a pelletizer.

    What role does feed section play extrusion process?

    • 1、Günter Beyer, ‎Christian Hopmann · 2018 · ‎ScienceDepending on the feedstock or recipe, feed streams, either solid or liquid, may be introduced at a number of locations along the process section.
    • 2、Feb 26, 2020 — What role does extrusion play in this? One method of production is extrusion, which has been used since the 1950s to produce meat analogs ...
    • 3、It can improve the stability of aquafeeds and extrusion density of ... is squeezed through die holes at the end of the extruder barrel, part of the water in ...
    • 4、by O Muñoz · Cited by 2 — the pelleting process, if the extrusion process has the appropriate technology for ... but nutritional of great importance, it affects on the levels of feed.
    • 5、The effect of these factors on the extrusion process has been thoroughly ... The role played by the hopper and feed zone is of particular significance here, ...
    • 6、A material, often in the form of a billet, is pushed and/or drawn through a die of the desired profile shape. Hollow sections are usually extruded by placing a ...

    What are the benefits of pellets in capsule technology?

    • 1、Jan 3, 2021 — capsule inside a capsule provides a unique advantage to avoid drug-drug interaction and incompatibilities. Multiple pellets filling in capsules ...
    • 2、Compaction of multiparticulates, commonly called MUPS, is one of the more recent and challenging technologies that combine the advantages of both tablets and ...
    • 3、Currently the pelletization techniques have been given great attention because they can provide for an efficient mean for manufacturing of new drug delivery ...
    • 4、Jul 20, 2020 — The therapeutic advantages of multiparticulate formulations make them a ... Beads, sometimes called pellets, and mini-tablets are the most ...
    • 5、by M Lam · 2019 · Cited by 17 — In spite of the major advantages that the liquisolid technology offers, ... The formulations in the form of liqui-pellets in capsules were ...
    • 6、Micro pellets is the new processing technology in the pharmaceutical industry rely on ... and post-fluid bed dryer, for final PSD prior to capsule filling, ...




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