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Auto Fish Canned Orange Canned Crab Canned Automatic Canned Food Production Machine Auto Fish Canned Orange Canned Crab Canned Automatic Canned Food Production Machine Auto Fish Canned Orange Canned Crab Canned Automatic Canned Food Production Machine

Auto Fish Canned Orange Canned Crab Canned Automatic Canned Food Production Machine

Brief Introduction:     This fish feed pellet production line mainly consists of the following parts: hammer mill, mixer, feed extruder, dryer, seasoning...

Auto Fish Canned Orange Canned Crab Canned Automatic Canned Food Production Machine Description

Brief Introduction:

    This fish feed pellet production line mainly consists of the following parts: hammer mill, mixer, feed extruder, dryer, seasoning machine, and packing machine.It is suitable for making floating fish feed and other pet food with different shapes.The machines are widely used in farmers, large, medium, and small feed factories, and research institutions.

Product Features:

1. Advanced diced structure. Adopting knife shaft locating spring combined cutting form to cut the same length particle.
2. The screw adopts abrasion-resisting high temperature alloy steel, with characters of abrasion-resistance and long service.
3. There is unique pressurized die device inside to ensure the feed's production and quality.
4. Reasonable mainshaft bearing combination to ensure puffing machine's security and duration.
5. Main motor adopts high quality three-phase motor to ensure strong power.
6. The particle puffing feed produced by this machine can float in water 12 hours without dispersing. It is pollution-free and easy to be digested by fish.
7. The feed after produced through high temperature can kill escherichia coli, salmonella and other harmful bacterial , ensure the feed's hygiene. 
8. It can save feed 8%-15%.

Packaging & Shipping
1.Packing machines into wooden cases;
2.Let trucks take containers to our factory for safely loading;
3.Sending to port for boarding and transportation.
4. We also can send machines by air and train.

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Auto Fish Canned Orange Canned Crab Canned Automatic Canned Food Production Machine Project Price List

Product QuantityMin Price ($)Max Price ($)
Pet Pellet Food Production Line Aquatic Floating Fish Feed Processing Making Machine 1 Set US07US32
High Efficiency Ice Glazing/Ice Coating Machine in IQF Freezing Production Line for Fish/Shrimp/Seafood with Automatic Operation 1 Set US40US84
Floating Fish Food Pellet Machine Fish Pet Poultry Feed Production Machine 1 Set US79US31
Stainless Steel Fish Feed Production Line Dog Food Making Machine 1 Set US06US08
Pet Food Production Line Floating Fish Feed Pellet Making Machine 1 Set US89US13
Ornamental Farm Catfish Carps Shrimp Fish Feed Production Line Floating Food Pellet Machine 1 Set US71US40
Pet Food Dog Cat Bird Fish Feed Machine Production Line 1 Set US09US91
Fish Food Pellet Production Line Screening Process Vibration Classify Siever Machine 1 Set US66US01


Auto Fish Canned Orange Canned Crab Canned Automatic Canned Food Production Machine Part Parameters

No.dDBCSizeWeightDiametro esterno
160098X/160158XG98,425 mm158,75 mm - 75,8 mm98.425x158.75x924,95 Kg -
IKOS03030 mm55 mm19 mm39 kN30x55x190,18 Kg -
CBK-20063,5 mm95 mm17 mm - 63.5x95x15.5 - -
INS-ER-SC-104 - - - - - - -
VF4S-220S NK1.25 Inch | 31.75 Millimeter1.5 Inch | 38.1 Millimeter - - - 1.18 -
23226EJW33C2130 mm230 mm80 mm - - - -
BGBWSA6003DD-[30,50]-[30,40,50] - - - - - - -
NU 2210 ECJ50 mm90 mm23 mm - - - 50
UCP322SC110 mm - 117 mm - - - -
6800LLB10 mm19 mm5 mm5 mm - - 0.748 Inch | 19 Millimeter


Replacement Bearing of fish food production machine Data List

No.DdWeightInventoryMinimum Buy QuantityBShape
53330245 mm150 mm - - - - -
5565/5535122,238 mm50,8 mm - - - 43,764 mm -
QVVPA20V303ST4.63 Inch | 117.602 Millimeter3.188 Inch | 80.975 Millimeter24.970.0N/A4.5 Inch | 114.3 Millimeter -
FWS205X25UMM - - 0.9080.0N/A - -
M712-81 Inch | 25.4 Millimeter - 0.0410.0N/A - -
NP312529-2 - - 00.0N/A - -
L33112 - - 0.2760.0N/A - -
572049 - - 00.0N/A - -
33118150 mm90 mm - - - 45 mm -
MSE304BRHS - - 76 lb - - - -
BGSR6805ZZ - - - - - - Flanged Pilot Type
BGHWTS6006DD-[37-59/1]-[40-80/1] - - - - - - T-Shaped
68/9501150,000 mm950,000 mm - - - 90,000 mm -


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