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Floating Fish Food Pellet Machine Fish Pet Poultry Feed Production Machine Floating Fish Food Pellet Machine Fish Pet Poultry Feed Production Machine Floating Fish Food Pellet Machine Fish Pet Poultry Feed Production Machine

Floating Fish Food Pellet Machine Fish Pet Poultry Feed Production Machine

Product Information:     Floating fish feed pellet making machine also can be called floating fish feed extruder machine, dog food making machine, machine...

Floating Fish Food Pellet Machine Fish Pet Poultry Feed Production Machine Description

Product Information:

    Floating fish feed pellet making machine also can be called floating fish feed extruder machine, dog food making machine, machine can be used for making the sea animal feed also the ploutry animal ofood and also the animal pet food, can be driven by electric motor or diesel engine for your convenient use. and for the machine we can also make the fish feed extruder production line with crusher machine, mixer machine, pellet machine, dryer machine, flavor machine and packing machine, to make more convenient machine working. 

Main Features:

1. Fish feed pellets are the popular feed in modern commercial fish farming, providing balanced nutrition needed by fish stock and improving fish farm environment. Due to high price of feed pellets on the market, many farmers tend to purchase fish feed extruder to produce pellets by themselves to low the cost.
2. Storage: can be kept for two to three months when stored in a covered cool dry place.
3. Hygiene: expansion process can eliminate most bacteria. Low moisture content (about 10%) can prevent bacterial growth.
4. Nutrition: can be added with animal or plant protein, fish oil or other fats, vitamin complex and minerals required by specific fish species. It is highly nutritious and can effectively improve the health of fish stock.
5. Environmental impacts: using pellet feed of appropriate size and density can lower the loss rate and significantly mitigate the environmental pollution caused by the feed residues.
6. Pellet feed of different sizes and densities can be made to accommodate the needs of species in various growth stages and with different babits. By using pellet feed of the appropriate size and density, loss rate and environmental pollution caused by the feed residue can be significantly reduced.

Packaging & Shipping
Packing: Export standard wooden case or Whole contaciner
Delivery time:Withing 10-15 working days.
Shipping:By sea

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Floating Fish Food Pellet Machine Fish Pet Poultry Feed Production Machine Project Price List

Product QuantityMin Price ($)Max Price ($)
Pet Pellet Food Production Line Aquatic Floating Fish Feed Processing Making Machine 1 Set US33US91
Ornamental Farm Catfish Carps Shrimp Fish Feed Production Line Floating Food Pellet Machine 1 Set US53US05
High Efficiency Ice Glazing/Ice Coating Machine in IQF Freezing Production Line for Fish/Shrimp/Seafood with Automatic Operation 1 Set US50US71
Fish Food Pellet Production Line Screening Process Vibration Classify Siever Machine 1 Set US11US94
Stainless Steel Fish Feed Production Line Dog Food Making Machine 1 Set US76US81


Floating Fish Food Pellet Machine Fish Pet Poultry Feed Production Machine Part Parameters

No.dDWeightInventoryBCMinimum Buy Quantity
LM12749/71121,986 mm45,974 mm0,12 Kg - 24,608 mm26 kN -
22319-E1-T41D95 mm200 mm - - 67 mm - -
NJ238190 mm340 mm23 Kg - 55 mm745 kN -
P4B-EXL-208R2.5 Inch | 63.5 Millimeter4 Inch | 101.6 Millimeter13.1660.02.75 Inch | 69.85 Millimeter - N/A
FF-207-20.126 Inch | 3.2 Millimeter0.252 Inch | 6.401 Millimeter00.0 - - N/A
NN3007KC9NAP4 - - 0.2440.0 - - N/A
AFD22520-307FICL-TA - - 00.0 - - N/A
SBX0339LLMQ1 - - 00.0 - - N/A
6207-2NKE C31.378 Inch | 35 Millimeter2.835 Inch | 72 Millimeter00.0 - - N/A
95528-200245.2500 in - - - - - -
SF61906-2RS30 mm47 mm - - 9 mm9 mm -
6326130 mm280 mm - - 58 mm58 mm -


Replacement Bearing of fish food production machine Data List

T7FC06060 mm125 mm33,5 mm151 kN2,03 Kg37 -
22226 EK + H 3126230230 mm64 mm - - 64 -
NCF 2912 CV60 mm85 mm16 mm - - 0.63 Inch | 16 Millimeter0.0
EXT206-19T2030.16 mm - 36.4 mm19.5 kN1.3 kg - -
TB22427HK811.688 Inch | 42.875 Millimeter - - - 4.536 - 0.0
BS226404 - - - - 3.003 - 0.0
UCTBL207-20MZ20RFCW - - - - 0.872 - 0.0
15125/24531.756220.63814.288 - - -
SBACY6700ZZ-20 - - - - - - -
CX063 - - - - - - -
6206YR18LT9TC2CS4430 mm62 mm16 mm - - - -
63/32NR32 mm75 mm20 mm20 mm - - -


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