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Stainless Steel Fish Feed Production Line Dog Food Making Machine Stainless Steel Fish Feed Production Line Dog Food Making Machine Stainless Steel Fish Feed Production Line Dog Food Making Machine

Stainless Steel Fish Feed Production Line Dog Food Making Machine

Basic Info:     Fish food production machine is the the specialist contributing to high quality floating fish feeds without steam conditioning of the raw...

Stainless Steel Fish Feed Production Line Dog Food Making Machine Description

Basic Info:

    Fish food production machine is the the specialist contributing to high quality floating fish feeds without steam conditioning of the raw material. With advanced single screw extruder by belt drive, floating fish feed machine is the ideal device in small and medium size feed processing plants and aqua farms.


1. Our fish feed extruder is of single screw design.
2. The pellets extruded from pellet mill is about 80℃ and moisture content is 18%-20%, so you should equip a dryer and cooler if the capacity is more than 500kg/h. While for small capacity, you can complete the drying and cooling with a cooler.
3. We provide technical formula for making floating fish feed pellets after placing order.
4. We send extra easy wear parts for free including two sleeves, one screw, one cutting knife and three die mould.

1. Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?
A: We are manufacturer in the field of feed machinery industry. OEM & ODM service are available.

2. What is the delivery time of the fish feed pellet machine? 
A: Usually the single machine can be sent within 15 days after getting the deposit. If it is a large order or production line, the time maybe longer, it can be negotiated.

3.What is your payment terms? 
A: 50% deposit in advance and the balance payment before shipment.

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Stainless Steel Fish Feed Production Line Dog Food Making Machine Project Price List

Product QuantityMin Price ($)Max Price ($)
Fish Food Pellet Production Line Screening Process Vibration Classify Siever Machine 1 Set US28US63
Ornamental Farm Catfish Carps Shrimp Fish Feed Production Line Floating Food Pellet Machine 1 Set US88US30
Pet Pellet Food Production Line Aquatic Floating Fish Feed Processing Making Machine 1 Set US60US57
Floating Fish Food Pellet Machine Fish Pet Poultry Feed Production Machine 1 Set US04US31
High Efficiency Ice Glazing/Ice Coating Machine in IQF Freezing Production Line for Fish/Shrimp/Seafood with Automatic Operation 1 Set US78US90


Stainless Steel Fish Feed Production Line Dog Food Making Machine Part Parameters

No.dWeightDCInventoryMinimum Buy QuantityB
PCZ 1412 E22,225 mm0,017 Kg25,4 mm32,5 kN - - 19,05 mm
HMK2221LL220,026 Kg29 mm13,4 kN - - -
K 18x24x13,5180,013 Kg2412,9 kN - - -
UCFE.210T2050 mm2.5 kg - 35.1 kN - - 51.6 mm
LRT3843201.496 Inch | 38 Millimeter0.0471.693 Inch | 43 Millimeter - 0.0N/A0.787 Inch | 20 Millimeter
602-ZZ0.079 Inch | 2 Millimeter00.276 Inch | 7 Millimeter - 0.0N/A -
NU 308 C3 - 0 - - 1.0N/A -
7305 B - 0.2 - - 0.0N/A -
BGMWB6903ZZ-[30,40,50] - - - - - - -
NU321UAMC3E - - - - - - -
6799 mm - 14 mm3 mm - - 3 mm


Replacement Bearing of fish food production machine Data List

6001-2RS/12,4528 mm12,45 mm8 mm - - 812.45x28x8
28138/28315-B80 mm34,975 mm20,94 mm15,875 mm - 20,9434.975x80x20.94
HTA024DB/GNP4L180 mm120 mm54 mm54 mm45473596548512.126 Inch | 54 Millimeter120x180x54
EXPH202COE - 15 mm34 mm12.8 kN - - -
F3Y226E32.219 Inch | 56.363 Millimeter1.625 Inch | 41.275 Millimeter - - 0662327037796 - -
6213-Z-C34.724 Inch | 120 Millimeter2.559 Inch | 65 Millimeter - - 4012801164702 - -
22240-2CS5K/VT143 + H 3140360 mm - 98 mm - - - -
CFUAP16-3535 - 18 - - - -
SBGFRB606DD-[20-40/1] - - - - - - -
BK18261626 mm - - 16 mm - - -
NCF1876V480 mm380 mm46 mm46 mm - - -
6838240 mm190 mm24 mm24 mm0605790369261 - -


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