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Dgp High Quality Floating Fish Feed Production Line for Aquatic Dgp High Quality Floating Fish Feed Production Line for Aquatic Dgp High Quality Floating Fish Feed Production Line for Aquatic Dgp High Quality Floating Fish Feed Production Line for Aquatic

Dgp High Quality Floating Fish Feed Production Line for Aquatic

Product Information:    Floating fish feed production line is composed of feeding system, extrusion system, rotary cutting system, heating system,...
  • 200-250 Kg/Hour
  • 22kw
  • 0.4kw
  • 1.1kw
  • 80mm
  • Fish Feed Machine
  • Feed Pellet Machine
  • Animal Feed Machine
  • Fish Food Machine
  • Fish Feed Extruder
  • AGII
  • Standard Export Package, Wooden Case
  • CE, SGS
  • China
  • 8436100000

floating fish feed production line Details

Capacity:200-250 Kg/Hour Main Power:22kw
Feeding Power:0.4kw Cutting Power:1.1kw
Screw Diameter:80mm Keywords 3:Fish Feed Machine
Keywords 2:Feed Pellet Machine Keywords 1:Animal Feed Machine
Keywords 5:Fish Food Machine Keywords 4:Fish Feed Extruder
Trademark:AGII Transport Package:Standard Export Package, Wooden Case
Specification:CE, SGS Origin:China
HS Code:8436100000

Dgp High Quality Floating Fish Feed Production Line for Aquatic Description

Product Information:

   Floating fish feed production line is composed of feeding system, extrusion system, rotary cutting system, heating system, transmission system and control system. Adopt advanced screw extrusion technology, use high temperature and high pressure to mature and expand the material, complete at one time. The main engine adopts frequency conversion speed regulation to ensure the stability of the production process. The products are colorful, diverse in variety, beautiful in appearance, natural and lifelike, delicate in texture and widely used in raw materials. 

Product Advantages:

1) Simple structure in linear type ,easy in installation and maintation. 
2) Adopting advanced world famous brand components in pneumatic parts ,electric parts and operation parts. 
3) Can make different fodder .
4) All design is from Germany the most newest advanced technology and improve it by our engineer team.


Q: Are you a manufacturer or a trading company?
A: We are a professional manufacturer of food&feed machine.We have our own factory and R&D department.

Q: How long is your production lead time?
A: It depends on product and order qty. Normally, it takes us 15 days for an order with MOQ qty.

Q: You give warranty of your products?
A: Yes, we extend a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all items. Please feel free to feedback immediately if you are not pleased with our quality or service.

Customer Cases For Dgp High Quality Floating Fish Feed Production Line for Aquatic For Factory In 2021

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2Small Farm Floating Pond Fish Feed Making Machine / Processing Machine / Production Line For Sale Malaysia
3Pet Food Machine Floating Fish Feed Production Line For Sale Egypt
4Floating Fish Feed Pellet Manufacturing Extruder Machine Price Fish Feed Mill Plant Production Line Process In Brazil
5Floating Fish Feed Production Line Machinery / Fish Food Making Machine Process In Indonesia
6Factory Price Floating Sinking Aquatic Feed Machine Fish Feed Extruder Feed Pellet Granulator Production Line For Sale Zimbabwe


Customer Have Factory Case of floating fish feed production line At 2021

1Floating Fish Feed Pellet Extruder Production Line Processing Plant Sale In Greece
2Floating Fish Feed Pellet Machine Processing Plant Extruder for Fish Food Production Line Process In Algeria
31.8-2.0t/H Floating Fish Feed Pellet Plant Extruded Feed Production Line Process In Argentina
4Dry Type Pet/Floating Fish Feed Extruder/Dog Food Production Line For Sale Saudi Arabia
5Floating Fish Feed Pellet Making Machine Fish Feed Production Line Sale In Zimbabwe
6Puffed Aquatic Fresh Water Catfish Koi Floating Fish Feed Pellet Formulation and Production Solution Processing Line Machine Process In Sri Lanka
7Complete Animal Feed Pellet Floating Fish Feed Production Line Process In Argentina


Dgp High Quality Floating Fish Feed Production Line for Aquatic Project Price List

Product QuantityMin Price ($)Max Price ($)
Floating Fish Feed Extruder Processing Machine / Feed Extruding Production Line Price 1 Set US20US74
Dry Type Pet/Floating Fish Feed Extruder/Dog Food Production Line 1 Set US97US64
Ks-95 Floating Fish Feed Pellet Pet Food Production Line Extruder Machine 1 Set US14US12
Extrution Food Floating Fish Feed Production Line 1 Set US91US33
Floating Fish Feed Making Machine Fish Food Extruder Production Line 1 Set US69US73
600kg\H Animal Floating Fish Food Feed Pellet Machine Production Line 1 Set US12US33


Dgp High Quality Floating Fish Feed Production Line for Aquatic Part Parameters

No.dDWeightBInventoryMinimum Buy Quantitystandards met:
GAC 240 S240 mm360 mm31,5 Kg - - - -
PKB224M80FH3.15 Inch | 80 Millimeter4.375 Inch | 111.13 Millimeter22.023.74 Inch | 95 Millimeter0.0N/A -
FC-IP-115R1.938 Inch | 49.225 Millimeter2.859 Inch | 72.619 Millimeter3.746 - 0.0N/A -
VKBD 1006 - - 0 - 0.0N/A -
TAROLF-569012-KIT-E34A - - 7.9 - 0.0N/A -
MA2215722.9375 in8-1/8 in - 4 in - - ANSI/ABMA STD 9-1990
F2BPSEZ012P3/4 in3.5313 in - - - - UL, AFBMA, AGMA, ASMMA, BSA, CMA, MPTA, PTDA
B1316-1613/16 in1 in - - - - ASTM B438-73 Grade 1, Mil-B-5687C TYPE 1, Type 2
SI 70 ESL-2LS70 mm - - 49 mm - - -
6703-2RS17 mm23 mm - 4 mm - - -


Replacement Bearing of floating fish feed production line Data List

No.dDBCWeightInventoryMinimum Buy Quantity
1210EKTN950 mm90 mm20 mm26,5 kN0,53 Kg - -
22352 KCW33260 mm540 mm165 mm3050 kN181 Kg - -
SYH 1.15/16 TF49,212 mm - 51,6 mm35,1 kN2,9 Kg0.0N/A
7302 BE-2RZP15 mm42 mm13 mm - - - -
USFLZ206-2031.75 mm - 30 mm19.5 kN0.84 kg - -
14274 - - - - 0.130.0N/A
TSL50 - - - - 3.0050.0N/A
E-TU-TRB-35MM-ECO/ECC - - - - 8.00 lb0.0N/A
USRB5520E-307-C3.4375 in11.6250 to 13.1250 in5.1406 in - - - -
BGRB605DD-20 - - - - - - -
NN3934C1NAP4170 mm230 mm45 mm45 mm - - -


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