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Fish Feed Pellet Extruder Machine Complete Floating Fish Feed Production Line Fish Feed Pellet Extruder Machine Complete Floating Fish Feed Production Line Fish Feed Pellet Extruder Machine Complete Floating Fish Feed Production Line Fish Feed Pellet Extruder Machine Complete Floating Fish Feed Production Line

Fish Feed Pellet Extruder Machine Complete Floating Fish Feed Production Line

Product Description:     Floating fish feed production line is widely used for producing high-grade aquatic feed pellets for fish, catfish, shrimps, crab...
  • Sigle Screw Bulking Machine
  • Dry Expansion
  • New
  • Granular
  • 500kg/H
  • 380V or Customer Require
  • 55kw
  • 1500kg
  • 1 Year
  • Ce
  • 0.9-10mm
  • More Than 24 Hours
  • Round or Oval
  • as Requirement

floating fish feed production line Details

Bulking Machine Type:Sigle Screw Bulking Machine Expanding Method:Dry Expansion
Condition:New Applicable Materials Shape:Granular
Capacity:500kg/H Voltage:380V or Customer Require
Power:55kw Weight:1500kg
Warranty:1 Year Certificate:Ce
Output Feed Size:0.9-10mm Feed Floating Time:More Than 24 Hours
Feed Shape:Round or Oval Machine Color:as Requirement
Trademark:YEARMEGA Transport Package:Ply Wooden Case
Specification:1460*1020*1250mm Origin:Henan-China
HS Code:84388000

Fish Feed Pellet Extruder Machine Complete Floating Fish Feed Production Line Description

Product Description:

    Floating fish feed production line is widely used for producing high-grade aquatic feed pellets for fish, catfish, shrimps, crab etc. it has become an ideal equipment for small and medium fish farm holders or fish feed processing plant.The final feed pellets have unique shape and good taste, high nutrition and smooth textures. The pellets floating time on water surface can be adjusted by the extrusion degree. The puffing fish feed pellets can float on the water surface for over 12 hours without water polution.


1. This machine has a novel design, high output, and stable operation;
2. Control cabinet: button operation, easy to understand, and master;
3. All-round 360-degree circular stirring, screw pushing into the raw materials, automatic uniform feeding;
4. The main parts are made of alloy materials after heat treatment, which has the characteristics of high wear resistance and long service life;   
5. The machine outlet is equipped with the rotary cutting device of variable frequency speed regulation, which can adjust the rotating speed of the blade arbitrarily to control the cutting speed and length.

Our Service:
1. Free consultation service before, during, and after sales;
2. Free Project planning and design services upon clients' special demands;
3. Debugging and inspecting of equipment until everything is functional before leaving the factory;
4. Overseas installation and training of equipment maintenance and operating personally;
5. Provide basic production techniques and formulas;
6. 1 year complete warranty for Machine.

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Fish Feed Pellet Extruder Machine Complete Floating Fish Feed Production Line Project Price List

Product QuantityMin Price ($)Max Price ($)
Dry Type Pet/Floating Fish Feed Extruder/Dog Food Production Line 1 Set US70US19
600kg\H Animal Floating Fish Food Feed Pellet Machine Production Line 1 Set US65US81
Dgp High Quality Floating Fish Feed Production Line for Aquatic 1 Set US98US45
Floating Fish Feed Pet Food Production Line 1 Set US58US04
Ks-95 Floating Fish Feed Pellet Pet Food Production Line Extruder Machine 1 Set US73US28
Floating Fish Feed Making Machine Fish Food Extruder Production Line 1 Set US63US35
Extrution Food Floating Fish Feed Production Line 1 Set US04US42
Floating Fish Feed Extruder Processing Machine / Feed Extruding Production Line Price 1 Set US08US33
Floating Fish Food Making Machine / Fish Feed Production Line Machinery 1 Set US90US08


Fish Feed Pellet Extruder Machine Complete Floating Fish Feed Production Line Part Parameters

No.DdInventoryWeightMinimum Buy QuantityEANInch - Metric
W 6190542 mm25 mm - - - - -
604H-2RS124 - - - - -
QMFX26J125SM6.04 Inch | 153.416 Millimeter4.921 Inch | 125 Millimeter0.028.602N/A0883450165006Metric
QVMC17V212SC6.75 Inch | 171.45 Millimeter2.75 Inch | 69.85 Millimeter0.011.804N/A0883450280587Inch
QACW15A211SM3.62 Inch | 91.948 Millimeter2.688 Inch | 68.275 Millimeter0.09.988N/A0883450305464Inch
TPB220UR X 1-7/8 - - 0.02.268N/A0662798815305 -
UCT 210-32 - - 0.00N/A - -
AA630-2 - - 0.00N/A0717905002267 -
ST-816-21/2 in - - - - - -
675ZZ8 mm5 mm - - - - -


Replacement Bearing of floating fish feed production line Data List

02872/0282073,025 mm28,575 mm22,225 mm55 kN0,477 Kg28.575x73.025x22.225 -
24136E300 mm180 mm118 mm1640 kN33,7 Kg180x300x118 -
ASA254040 mm25 mm - - - 25x40x11 -
6028L1CMP4210 mm140 mm33 mm - - - -
QAAFY11A204SC4 Inch | 101.6 Millimeter2.25 Inch | 57.15 Millimeter - - 6.81 - 0883450022118
CB-1518-161.125 Inch | 28.575 Millimeter0.938 Inch | 23.825 Millimeter - - 0 - 0846802016616
RA-206 - - - - 0.319 - 0644075088343
BSB2047QUH O-1147 mm20 mm15 mm - - - -
UCFS309HT2D1 - 45 - - - - -
SBAFRC6804ZZ-[35-70/1] - - - - - - -
29234-E1-MB240 mm170 mm - - - - -
203145/203256C256 mm145 mm51 mm38,63 mm - - -
6800-2RS19 mm10 mm5 mm5 mm - - -


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