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Best Quality Animal Feed Process Equipment Best Quality Animal Feed Process Equipment Best Quality Animal Feed Process Equipment

Best Quality Animal Feed Process Equipment

Basic Info:      Floating Fish Feed Pellet Processing Line focuses on the production of feeds for animals with a high emotional value but low economic...

Best Quality Animal Feed Process Equipment Description

Basic Info:

     Floating Fish Feed Pellet Processing Line focuses on the production of feeds for animals with a high emotional value but low economic usefulness, apart from the aspect of breeding.Nonetheless, balancing the components and gentle processing are at the center of the related quality considerations.
Extrusion is therefore increasingly proving to be the right tool for modern Pet food. A complete feed, fed as a diet over a prolonged period of time, must ensure the vitality of the animal and prevent deficiencies.

Main Features:
1.According to different requirements, variety shapes of high-grade feed pellets for fish, shrimps etc.
2.The finished pellets can keep floating for 12 hours without pollution to water.
3.The floating time can be controlled by the puffing degree adjustment.
4.Floating feed extruder for pet feed can make pellet from diameter 1mm-12mm just by changing the mould.
5.Electric heating device is adopted which can improve the feed expansion rate and pellets floating time.
6.High temperature and high pressure cooking process can kill the salmonellosis and bacterial infections,also makes the pellets easily to digest.
7.The cutting device can be adjusted to make pellets of different length.
8.The wet type machine needs a boiler to make steam which can conduct steam to the conditioner and ripen the raw material in advance.

Packing & Shipping 
1.Outside package, fumigation free wooden case 
2. Inner packing, stretch film
Delivery Detail:30 working days after order

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Best Quality Animal Feed Process Equipment Project Price List

Product QuantityMin Price ($)Max Price ($)
Big Capacity Animal Pet Catfish Shrimp Food Making Extruder Floating Fish Feed Pellet Extruder Machine 1 Set US54US67
Animal Aquarium Pet Dog Cat Monkey Fox Bird Tilapia Floating Fish Feed Pellet Production Machinery 1 Set US38US25
Floating Fish Feed Pellet Process Machine 1 Set US83US95
Manufacturer Floating Fish Food Process Mill Making Machine/Small Animal Poultry Feed Pellet Extruder 1 Set US63US79
Dog Food Fish Feed Pellet Machine Process Line 1 Set US17US95
Wet process high protein fish extruder machine floating fish feed 1 Set US51US23


Best Quality Animal Feed Process Equipment Part Parameters

No.dDWeightBInventoryMinimum Buy QuantityC
294/560560 mm980 mm793 Kg90 mm - - 9890 kN
UCFLE203L417 mm - 0.48 kg31 mm - - 12.8 kN
6210ZC3 - - 0 - 0.0N/A -
CSEB22643H2.688 Inch | 68.275 Millimeter3.86 Inch | 98.044 Millimeter6.36 - 0.0N/A -
USRBF5000-211-C2.688 Inch | 68.275 Millimeter3.875 Inch | 98.425 Millimeter11.993.25 Inch | 82.55 Millimeter0.0N/A -
UELFL209-28 - - 4.6 lb - 0.0N/A -
UC213-40G2L3 - - 1.852 - 0.0N/A -
SS63800-2RS - - 0.01 - 0.0N/A -
23172EMBW509C08C3360 mm600 mm - 192 mm - - -
6066 mm17 mm - 6 mm - - 6 mm
NF18/670670 mm820 mm - 69 mm - - 69 mm
9111PP55 mm90 mm - 18 mm - - 18 mm


Replacement Bearing of floating fish feed production process Data List

No.dDWeightCInventoryMinimum Buy QuantityB
71910 C-UX50 mm72 mm0,26 Kg28,3 kN - - -
6204-2Z20 mm47 mm0,107 Kg12,8 kN - - 14 mm
6222110 mm200 mm4,36 Kg144 kN0.0N/A38 mm
01B407GR - - 9.498 - 0.0N/A -
QVVC26V110SM4.331 Inch | 110 Millimeter7.02 Inch | 178.3 Millimeter46.308 - 0.0N/A -
22313CAMKE4C32.559 Inch | 65 Millimeter5.512 Inch | 140 Millimeter3.58 - 0.0N/A1.89 Inch | 48 Millimeter
SBP 201 8 G0.5 Inch | 12.7 Millimeter0.866 Inch | 22 Millimeter0.635 - 0.0N/A1.188 Inch | 30.175 Millimeter
29338E J - 12.598 Inch | 320 Millimeter24 - 0.0N/A -
LSE215BRHSAFQATL2.9375 in - - - - - -
SSAFS 23056 KAT x 10.1/2 - - - - - - -
LSM60BXHF - - - - - - -
XLJ1.7/847,625 mm80,9625 mm - 15,875 mm - - 15,875 mm
678A8 mm12 mm - 2,5 mm - - 2,5 mm


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