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Fish Feed Pellet Machine Cattle Feed Production Process Machine Fish Feed Pellet Machine Cattle Feed Production Process Machine Fish Feed Pellet Machine Cattle Feed Production Process Machine

Fish Feed Pellet Machine Cattle Feed Production Process Machine

Product Information:        Foating Fish Feed Pellet Making Machine has the advantages of simple and convenient operation, long service life, and...

Fish Feed Pellet Machine Cattle Feed Production Process Machine Description

Product Information:

       Foating Fish Feed Pellet Making Machine has the advantages of simple and convenient operation, long service life, and low labor costs, and reduces waste of materials in the production process. Increased utilization of materials. Fish feed particles range from 0.8-14mm, and the protein content is as high as 50%.
      Floating fish feed production line is currently a relatively high-tech equipment in China. It has the advantages of no waste, no pollution of water sources, and increase the survival rate of young fish. For the demand for feed, the company has developed and developed a variety of floating fish feed production lines based on market demand in recent years. Depending on the output, the floating fish feed production line also has multiple configurations to meet the needs of different customers. The floating fish feed production line can adjust the raw material, temperature, moisture and other process parameters to make the product have the characteristics of novel shape, unique taste, rich nutrition, and delicate organization.

Product Advantages:

1. With reasonable technology, high capacity and low energy consumption. It can produce 10000-20000 tons mash and pellet feed per shift annually;
2. Modular Structure: The plant is compact, occupies less floor space and has low requirement on the mill tower, and needs low investment in civil works. The containerized modular structure is convenient for assembly and disassembly, facilitates the shipment and installation;
3. Centralized control: the analogue panel is adopted. All machines can be interlocked and safe, alarm device is available. The operation is simple and convenient;
4. Wide applicable scope: The plant can produce both poultry & livestock feed and fish feed and is applicable for medium and small sized feed mills and breeding farms.

After Sale Services:
1. Oversea install and debug the equipment.
2. Train the first-line operator.
3. Provide the basic formula
4. Operation/ Service/ Maintenance Manual: Provided In English.
5. We will provide 1-2 engineer to the client's factory for the installation and teach totally in 10 days. The client need provide room, food, round-trip transportation, visa fee and a nominal $40 daily subsidy per person.  

Customer Cases For Fish Feed Pellet Machine Cattle Feed Production Process Machine For Factory In 2021

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Customer Have Factory Case of floating fish feed production process At 2021

1Pet Dry Food Dog Cat Fish Pellet Food Making Machines Production Line For Sale Nigeria
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Fish Feed Pellet Machine Cattle Feed Production Process Machine Project Price List

Product QuantityMin Price ($)Max Price ($)
Big Capacity Animal Pet Catfish Shrimp Food Making Extruder Floating Fish Feed Pellet Extruder Machine 1 Set US19US12
Dog Food Fish Feed Pellet Machine Process Line 1 Set US86US71
Manufacturer Floating Fish Food Process Mill Making Machine/Small Animal Poultry Feed Pellet Extruder 1 Set US23US34
Wet process high protein fish extruder machine floating fish feed 1 Set US71US50
Animal Aquarium Pet Dog Cat Monkey Fox Bird Tilapia Floating Fish Feed Pellet Production Machinery 1 Set US49US57
Floating Fish Feed Pellet Process Machine 1 Set US94US46


Fish Feed Pellet Machine Cattle Feed Production Process Machine Part Parameters

No.dDWeightBCEANMinimum Buy Quantity
21304E20 mm52 mm0,18 Kg15 mm47 kN - -
TP426242 mm62 mm0,023 Kg - 17,5 kN - -
QJL125,4 mm57,15 mm0,218 Kg15,875 mm15,7 kN - -
BMP51111.688 Inch | 42.875 Millimeter3.813 Inch | 96.84 Millimeter7.1732.313 Inch | 58.75 Millimeter - 0698210005610N/A
QMFYP13J060SO - - 8.626 - - 0883450996389N/A
F3R-S2-106R1.375 Inch | 34.925 Millimeter2.531 Inch | 64.287 Millimeter3.178 - - 0782475316236N/A
51152 - 12.598 Inch | 320 Millimeter7.8 - - 0029176062261N/A
KF042CP04.2500 in5.7500 in - 0.7500 in - - -
MUCFBL207-23B1.4375 in - - - - - -
ST-24C RM1.5000 in - - 2.1250 in - - -
LSE615BRHFKPS - - - - - - -
SBASZ6802DD-35 - - - - - - -
6822NR110 mm140 mm - 16 mm16 mm - -


Replacement Bearing of floating fish feed production process Data List

No.dDBWeightUNSPSCInventoryMinimum Buy Quantity
ASTB90 F12080120125 - - - - -
UCPH21050 mm - 51,6 mm3,5 Kg - - -
6214ZZE70 mm125 mm24 mm1.07 Kg311715040.0N/A
PB22431HHCK81A1.938 Inch | 49.225 Millimeter3.125 Inch | 79.38 Millimeter2.25 Inch | 57.15 Millimeter5.45311715110.0N/A
LL714649-50000/LL714610-500003 Inch | 76.2 Millimeter4.156 Inch | 105.562 Millimeter - 0.36311715160.0N/A
NJ 2334 ECML170 mm360 mm120 mm68.374 - 0.0N/A
NA82587-25.875 Inch | 149.225 Millimeter0 Inch | 0 Millimeter2.594 Inch | 65.888 Millimeter6.03311715270.0N/A
3200B-2ZRTNG0.394 Inch | 10 Millimeter1.181 Inch | 30 Millimeter0.563 Inch | 14.3 Millimeter0.055311715310.0N/A
SBAFCZ606ZZ-[20-40/1] - - - - - - -
23152VMW33260,000 mm440,000 mm - - - - -
6001-RSL12 mm28 mm8 mm - 31171504 - -
JLM704649/1050 mm84 mm22 mm - - - -
680945 mm58 mm7 mm - 31171504 - -


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How do you make a floating fish feed?

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