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High Grade 2t/H Floating Fish Feed Machinery for Breeding Farms High Grade 2t/H Floating Fish Feed Machinery for Breeding Farms High Grade 2t/H Floating Fish Feed Machinery for Breeding Farms

High Grade 2t/H Floating Fish Feed Machinery for Breeding Farms

Basic Info:       This fish feed production process DGP series floating fish feed pellet extruding machine has built-in screw and screw sleeve...
  • 2t/H

High Grade 2t/H Floating Fish Feed Machinery for Breeding Farms Description

Basic Info:

      This fish feed production process DGP series floating fish feed pellet extruding machine has built-in screw and screw sleeve lengthening, material rotary cutting time is long, temperature can be adjusted, output torque can be adjusted, so that the product has high expansion degree and smooth surface.
     This fish feed production process can make different feed, the DGP series floating fish feed production process machine can produce: suspended aquatic feed particles, sinking fish, shrimp and crab feed particles, pet feed particles, fishing fish feed particles, etc.


1)Floatingfish food machine adopts frequency speed controlling with high automation and stable per-formation.
2) Fish food extruder screws are made of the alloy steel and special craft, durable usage, high pressure, the screw life is longer.Adopting the building block structure and combining willingly according to the different demand.
3) It bears with forced lubrication system, so that it can guarantee the equipment transmission life longer.
4) Auto-temperature control system; make the temperature controlling more direct viewing and the parameter more precise.
5) Merits of self-cleaning, when stopping, it can be cleaneditself but not need to unload screw.
6)According to different screw design rate to full different technology request.
7) fish food machine has the wide material, multi-shape products and flexible collocations. We can produce different products according to different shapes requirements by changing different shapes of molds.


Q:Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?
A:We are a company with more than 10 years of experience in manufacturing feed machinery, and we have our own foreign trade department.

Q:What's the payment terms if we want to buy the machines?
A:L/C, T/T 30% down payment, 70% balance before delivery.

Q:Do you have a warranty? How long?
A:We offer 1 year warranty for all of parts.

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High Grade 2t/H Floating Fish Feed Machinery for Breeding Farms Project Price List

Product QuantityMin Price ($)Max Price ($)
Big Capacity Animal Pet Catfish Shrimp Food Making Extruder Floating Fish Feed Pellet Extruder Machine 1 Set US23US70
Animal Aquarium Pet Dog Cat Monkey Fox Bird Tilapia Floating Fish Feed Pellet Production Machine Snack Food Mill Processing Making Extrusion Line for Sale 1 Set US43US20
Animal Aquarium Pet Dog Cat Monkey Fox Bird Tilapia Floating Fish Feed Pellet Production Machinery 1 Set US51US46
Dog Food Fish Feed Pellet Machine Process Line 1 Set US82US68
Energy Saving with Ce, SGS Certificate Pet Food Processing Line /Floating Fish Feed Machine Price 1 Set US25US32
Wet process high protein fish extruder machine floating fish feed 1 Set US96US93
China Fish Food Machinery / Fish Food Making Machine Floating Fish Feed 1 Set US26US49
Floating Fish Feed Pellet Process Machine 1 Set US63US34
Manufacturer Floating Fish Food Process Mill Making Machine/Small Animal Poultry Feed Pellet Extruder 1 Set US12US52


High Grade 2t/H Floating Fish Feed Machinery for Breeding Farms Part Parameters

No.dDBWeightCWidthMinimum Buy Quantity
NJ 2220 ECP100 mm180 mm46 mm - - 1.811 Inch | 46 MillimeterN/A
22356 KW33280 mm580 mm175 mm - 175 mm175 -
HX95 /S 7CE195 mm145 mm24 mm1,3 Kg29,6 kN24 -
HC7021-E-T-P4S105 mm160 mm26 mm - - 26 -
32322110 mm240 mm80 mm17,8 Kg725 kN84,5 -
UCFLE211-35NL355.56 mm - 55.6 mm3.2 kg43.55 kN - -
SAW 234 - - - 112.491 - - N/A
UCPA205X7/8 - - - 0.363 - - N/A
LS 08218 mm21 mm2.75 mm0.004 - - N/A
6000LUA1V800.394 Inch | 10 Millimeter1.024 Inch | 26 Millimeter - 0.017 - - N/A
1303-M-P6-C2 - - - 0 - - N/A
22315-E175 mm160 mm55 mm - - - -
FNTF-335233 mm52 mm - - - - -
AB41052S0130 mm72 mm16,5 mm - 16,5 mm - -


Replacement Bearing of floating fish feed production process Data List

NU 221105 mm36 mm190 mm294 kN4 Kg - -
KR35LL - 19.5 mm35 mm18 mm - M16X1.50.0
USPAE.20317 mm22 mm - 9.55 kN0.4 kgM6x1 -
UCPG205-16NT2025.4 mm34 mm - 14 kN0.6 kgM6x1 -
EXF310 - - - - 4.636 - 0.0
CB242810 - - - - 0.121 - 0.0
SFT-24T HS1.5000 in4.1250 in5.6563 in - - - -
N430150 mm85 mm380 mm - 53.300 kg - -
AOHX 30/600600 mm - - - - Tr 630x6 -
JP12049A/JP12010120 mm - 170 mm - - - -
6800-2RS10 mm5 mm19 mm5 mm - - -


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