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2019 Ce Floating Fish Feed Machine Line/Floating Fish Feed Making Machine 2019 Ce Floating Fish Feed Machine Line/Floating Fish Feed Making Machine 2019 Ce Floating Fish Feed Machine Line/Floating Fish Feed Making Machine

2019 Ce Floating Fish Feed Machine Line/Floating Fish Feed Making Machine

Basic Info:     This line can be adjusted to produce various shapes of pet food for cat, dog, fish, shrimp, bird and so on. It has many production capacities...
  • 2019

2019 Ce Floating Fish Feed Machine Line/Floating Fish Feed Making Machine Description

Basic Info:

    This line can be adjusted to produce various shapes of pet food for cat, dog, fish, shrimp, bird and so on. It has many production capacities to choose according to your specific requirements. High automatic, easy operation, stable performance, easy maintenance and wide range of materials are the main features of this line. This line adopts bone powder, fish meal, corn powder and so on as raw materials. The final feed is nutritional, multi-shape, attractive, highly digestible which can be loved by your pet and fish.

Product Advantages:

1.The main power can use diesel engine, the granulation work can be done anywhere.
2.It solves the problem that the electricity is inconvenient, and the three-phase power can not be used, but the output is required.
3.Pellet size 1-8mm can be chosen.
4.It is used in the production of floating fish feed, suitable for small, medium family production, and large professional feed processing plant.
5.The produced feed is suitable for cat, dog, pig, bird, fish, shrimp, and other aquatic animals.
6.High temperature and high pressure can kill common pathogenic microbes and parasites.

Packing & Delivery
Inside: plastic bag for the animal pet food production line dog food machine fish feed making machine.
Outside: wooden case (adopt the wooden case or wooden pellets depended on clients' requirement).
Shipping, train, express, or upon clients' demands.

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2019 Ce Floating Fish Feed Machine Line/Floating Fish Feed Making Machine Project Price List

Product QuantityMin Price ($)Max Price ($)
2mm Sinking Fish Feed Pellet Machine 1 Set US08US58
400 Good Quality Complete Poultry Feed Pellet Production Line 1 Set US96US29
Manual Fish Food Machine Floating Fish Feed Making Machine Extruder 1 Set US80US10
Fish Meal Iron Detector (manual-removal) 1 Set US41US07
Diesel Engine Floating Fish Feed Pellet Making Machine 1 Set US47US11
Animal Ribbit Feed Pellet Machine 1 Set US21US70
Manual Boiler Cow Animal Feed Making Mixing Drilling Pallet Block Pressing Machine in Kenya 1 Set US31US36
Manufacturer Small Poultry Animal Chicken Cow Feed Pellet Machine Prices 1 Set US96US56


2019 Ce Floating Fish Feed Machine Line/Floating Fish Feed Making Machine Part Parameters

No.WeightDdMinimum Buy QuantityInventoryBC
30320U8,56 Kg215 mm100 mmN/A0.047 mm410 kN
N264 E114 Kg580 mm320 mm - - 92 mm1540 kN
71918 CE/P4AL - 125 mm90 mm - - 18 mm -
LER 1750.413 - - N/A0.0 - -
OWFK202X5/8S0.545 - - N/A0.0 - -
22213-E1A-M1.514.724 Inch | 120 Millimeter2.559 Inch | 65 MillimeterN/A0.01.22 Inch | 31 Millimeter -
UEWTPL204B0.4 - - N/A0.0 - -
01BCPS800GR0 - - N/A0.0 - -
32204 9EKA10 - - N/A0.0 - -
TAC9800 - - N/A0.0 - -
GB 88 - 0.6875 in0.5000 in - - 0.5000 in -
QVVFK17V212S23 lb - - - - - -
KH2030PP - 28 mm20 mm - - 30 mm -
6701 - 18 mm12 mm - - 4 mm4 mm


Replacement Bearing of manual fish feed making machine Data List

No.DdBWeightMinimum Buy QuantityInventoryEAN
6311-2RS120 mm55 mm29 mm1,35 Kg - - -
QAFYP10A200SEN2.87 Inch | 72.9 Millimeter2 Inch | 50.8 Millimeter - 5.448N/A0.00883450993104
FC-GTM-1121.859 Inch | 47.219 Millimeter1.75 Inch | 44.45 Millimeter - 2.82N/A0.00782475895502
3MM9122WI TUM6.693 Inch | 170 Millimeter4.331 Inch | 110 Millimeter3.307 Inch | 84 Millimeter6.13N/A0.00087796341265
410016 - - - 0.014N/A0.00782475720897
MIB71 Inch | 25.4 Millimeter0.438 Inch | 11.125 Millimeter0.562 Inch | 14.275 Millimeter0.036N/A0.00806990009722
NUP218W6.299 Inch | 160 Millimeter3.543 Inch | 90 Millimeter1.181 Inch | 30 Millimeter2.54N/A0.00029176075650
SDAF3156-SK - - - 567.5N/A0.0 -
46175/36893.66244.4531.75 - - - -
7211DB/GN1005542 - - - -
6209-koyo85mm45mm19mm - - - -
UCF 210-31G5PL - - - - - - -
3578/352084,138 mm44,45 mm30,886 mm - - - -
6924NR165 mm120 mm22 mm - - - -


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