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Manual Fish Food Machine Floating Fish Feed Making Machine Extruder Manual Fish Food Machine Floating Fish Feed Making Machine Extruder Manual Fish Food Machine Floating Fish Feed Making Machine Extruder

Manual Fish Food Machine Floating Fish Feed Making Machine Extruder

Description:    Manual fish feed making machine is widely used for producing variety materials into high-grade aquctic feed pellets for...

Manual Fish Food Machine Floating Fish Feed Making Machine Extruder Description


   Manual fish feed making machine is widely used for producing variety materials into high-grade aquctic feed pellets for fish,catfish,shrimps,crab etc.The final feed pellets have unique shape and good taste,high nutrition and smooth textures.For feeds of fish and shrimp,the floating time no water surface can be adjusted by the extrusion degree adjustment when extruding the pellets.Currently,floating fish feed extruder has become an ideal for small and medium fish farm(catfish,tilapia,shrimp etc.)


1). The fish feed pellets can float on water for over 20 hours.And sinking and floating aqua-feed pellets both can be made just by adjusting the feed formulation.
2). Pellet diameter is 0.9mm-15mm by changing the mold.
3).The cutter can cutting the pellets into different length.
4)The feeding speed,cutting speed,temperature all can be adjusted.
5).The machine also can make feed for pet like dog,cat with different shapes and we can.

Service & Turnkey Solution
A) Consultation service before, during, and after sales;
B) Project planning and design service;
C) Debugging of equipment until everything is functional;
D) Management of equipments' long distance shipping from seller's factory to the named place by buyer;
E) Training of equipment maintenance and operating personally;
F) New production techniques and formulas;
G) Provide 1 year complete warranty and life-time maintenance service.

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Manual Fish Food Machine Floating Fish Feed Making Machine Extruder Project Price List

Product QuantityMin Price ($)Max Price ($)
2mm Sinking Fish Feed Pellet Machine 1 Set US11US47
Manual Boiler Cow Animal Feed Making Mixing Drilling Pallet Block Pressing Machine in Kenya 1 Set US13US17
Best Poultry Fish Feed Factory Making Machine Price Manual Feed Pellet Mill Machine 1 Set US16US81
2019 Ce Floating Fish Feed Machine Line/Floating Fish Feed Making Machine 1 Set US51US79
Manufacturer Small Poultry Animal Chicken Cow Feed Pellet Machine Prices 1 Set US69US71
400 Good Quality Complete Poultry Feed Pellet Production Line 1 Set US11US02
Diesel Engine Floating Fish Feed Pellet Making Machine 1 Set US85US74
Fish Meal Iron Detector (manual-removal) 1 Set US87US87
Animal Ribbit Feed Pellet Machine 1 Set US65US70


Manual Fish Food Machine Floating Fish Feed Making Machine Extruder Part Parameters

No.DdInventoryMinimum Buy QuantityTypeBWeight
21310 E110 mm50 mm1.0N/A - 27 mm -
K52X58X16.358,00052,000 - - - - -
CVDR19-308 - - 0.0N/A - - 0.454
679-906A36.625 Inch | 168.275 Millimeter3.5 Inch | 88.9 Millimeter0.0N/A - - 8.78
M38549-50174/M38510-500002.625 Inch | 66.675 Millimeter1.375 Inch | 34.925 Millimeter0.0N/A - - 0.34
GGCF04 - - 0.0N/A - - 0.39
FHSR205-14-2FM - - 0.0N/A - - 0
66522D5.1174 in - - - - - -
L68149 - L6811159.974 mm34.989 mm - - - 15.875 mm -
BGTN6904DD - - - - Bearings with Housings - -
BGBKB6904DD-[40,50,60] - - - - Bearings with Housings - -
6852320260 - - Ball28 -
71919cdgb/p4a-skf130mm95mm - - - 18mm -
678A12 mm8 mm - - - 2,5 mm -


Replacement Bearing of manual fish feed making machine Data List

No.dDCWeightC0Bearing UsedB
239/630K630 mm850 mm3 700 kN268 Kg9 250 kN - 165 mm
RLM1017151017 mm8,05 kN0,012 Kg7.8 - -
S692X2,5 mm7 mm0,386 kN - 0,129 kN - 2,5 mm
7316DF80 mm170 mm239 kN7,3 Kg238 kN - 39 mm
6922 mm6 mm0,25 kN - - - 2,3 mm
UCT202-10+WB15.88 mm - 12.8 kN0.8 kg6.65 kN - 31 mm
CFM 8TY - - - 0.12 - - -
AOH3068G - - - 18.60 Kg - - -
F2BSXV1151.9375 in6.1875 in - - - - -
ABGC7006-R-120 - - - - - Angular Contact Bearings -
BGCB6903DD-30 - - - - - Deep Groove Ball Bearings -
BGHWT6202VV-[51-60/1]-[25-50/1] - - - - - Deep Groove Ball Bearings -
P2B-SCU-010 0.6250 in - - - - - -
6707-2RS35 mm44 mm5 mm - - - 5 mm


What is wet extruder?

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  • 3、Aug 13, 2013 — Following extrusion, normal moistures for dry extruded product run 16-20%, while moisture in products following wet extrusion ranges from 22-28% ...
  • 4、by NS Perilla · 1997 · Cited by 84 — 1. An experiment was conducted to determine the temperature for wet extrusion of full‐fat soyabeans (FFS) needed to produce maximum chicken performance. 2.
  • 5、RICHI Machinery manufactures high-performance fish feed extruder. Wet type extruder is Used in making both floating fish feed and sinking feed.
  • 6、In contrast, “wet extrusion” processes may apply an external heat source directly into the barrel during cooking (e.g. steam).

What is fish feed ingredients?

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What is pelletization process?

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  • 6、GAR's plastic pelletizing process utilizes a twin screw extruder and a single screw extruder to create custom compounds and recycled materials.

What is a fish extruder?

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  • 6、Mar 16, 2021 — Fish feed extruder machine is widely used in making both floating fish feed and sinking feed pellets for aquaculture farms and feed plants.

What is a floating feed?

  • 1、Satco® Floating Power Feed ^ Black ^ 660 Watts ^ 120 Volts ^ 326147 ^ Mfg #TP155.
  • 2、1. Wet type floating fish feed extruder. 2. Diesel engine fish feed extruder 3. Dry type floating and sinking fish feed pellets machine. Read more ...
  • 3、1. Floating Fish Feed. Fish feed floats on the water surface due to various reasons like low bulk density, air sacs in extruded feed, low moisture ...
  • 4、50 Lb. Catfish Feed Floating Fish Formula. Highly palatable for maximum intake & viewing. Fortified with stabilized vitamins (high levels of vitamin C, E, ...
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How do you make floating fish feed?

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  • 2、1958 PRG'GESS F PREPARING A FLOATING "FISH FOOD Herbert M. Auerbach, . ... A heat much greater than that indicated will create too large a cell while too 
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  • 5、Dec 8, 2018 - The floating fish feed is machine made, leaving air spaces in the bits of feed because of which the food bits float. The home made fish feed 
  • 6、To satisfy high demands for cost-effective, and high-performance fish feed pellets in world market, we specially customize this floating fish feed pellet plant

What is pellet binder?

  • 1、The advantage of pelleted feed as compared to mash is better feed conversion ratios on farm level. This is due to gelatinisation of starches, preventing 
  • 2、The influence of inclusion of pellet binder on physical pellet quality, growth performance, carcass characteristics and total tract apparent retention of nutrients 
  • 3、US4988520A - Binder for pelleted animal feeds - Google Patents ... For example, bentonite and certain other pellet binders are not permitted in combination with 
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