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Dry Floating Sinking Animal Pet Fish Dog Cat Feed Food Pellet Processing Making Machine Dry Floating Sinking Animal Pet Fish Dog Cat Feed Food Pellet Processing Making Machine Dry Floating Sinking Animal Pet Fish Dog Cat Feed Food Pellet Processing Making Machine

Dry Floating Sinking Animal Pet Fish Dog Cat Feed Food Pellet Processing Making Machine

Basic Info:     Sinking fish feed machine is a newly-designed line for improving market of pet food, which is developed successfully with our many years...

Dry Floating Sinking Animal Pet Fish Dog Cat Feed Food Pellet Processing Making Machine Description

Basic Info:

    Sinking fish feed machine is a newly-designed line for improving market of pet food, which is developed successfully with our many years research experiences on food machinery. This line endues pet food with novel shape, unique taste and color. It can meet with other needs of modern market by many superior characteristics, such as scientific nutrition formular and easy assimilation. And this line can also make the pet food cored filling, it will be more popular with modern pets.

Product Advantages:

1. Fish feed pellets are the popular feed in modern commercial fish farming, providing balanced nutrition needed by fish stock and improving fish farm environment. Due to high price of feed pellets on the market, many farmers tend to purchase fish feed extruder to produce pellets by themselves to low the cost.
2. Storage: can be kept for two to three months when stored in a covered cool dry place.
3. Hygiene: expansion process can eliminate most bacteria. Low moisture content (about 10%) can prevent bacterial growth.
4. Nutrition: can be added with animal or plant protein, fish oil or other fats, vitamin complex and minerals required by specific fish species. It is highly nutritious and can effectively improve the health of fish stock.
5. Environmental impacts: using pellet feed of appropriate size and density can lower the loss rate and significantly mitigate the environmental pollution caused by the feed residues.
6. Pellet feed of different sizes and densities can be made to accommodate the needs of species in various growth stages and with different babits. By using pellet feed of the appropriate size and density, loss rate and environmental pollution caused by the feed residue can be significantly reduced.

Our Services:
1. The warranty time is one year, except the easy-wear parts. 
2. If any parts are found defective in quality in the first year, we shall replace it freely.
3. Engineers can go abroad to guide the installation and traing.

Customer Cases For Dry Floating Sinking Animal Pet Fish Dog Cat Feed Food Pellet Processing Making Machine For Factory In 2021

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Customer Have Factory Case of sinking fish feed machine At 2021

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Dry Floating Sinking Animal Pet Fish Dog Cat Feed Food Pellet Processing Making Machine Project Price List

Product QuantityMin Price ($)Max Price ($)
Aqua Feed Pellet Production Line Sinking Fish Feed Machinery 1 Set US15US26
Different Diameter Floating Sinking Fish Feed Making Machine 1 Set US09US77
Floating and Sinking Fish Feed Extrusion Machine 1 Set US66US19
Szlh420 3~5t/H Double-Layer Conditioner Sinking Fish Feed Pellet Making Machine 1 Set US70US03
Floating Sinking Fish Food Pellet Processing Making Extruder Price Fish Feed Machine Price for Sale 1 Set US41US63
Szlh508b3 Widely Applicable Sinking Fish Feed Pellet Machine 1 Set US47US70
2020 Hot Sales Best Quality Feed Pellet Mill Machine for Sales Sinking Fish Feed Pellet Machine 1 Set US76US70
40-4000kg/H Small Floating Sinking Fish Feed Pellet Machine 1 Set US33US96
Dry Sinking Fish Dog Pet Feed Pellet Processing Making Machine 1 Set US95US55


Dry Floating Sinking Animal Pet Fish Dog Cat Feed Food Pellet Processing Making Machine Part Parameters

No.DdBCWeightLarghezzaDiametro esterno
2304K52 mm20 mm21 mm18,2 kN0,21 Kg - -
W208PP1285,75 mm28,575 mm39,52 mm30,175 mm - - -
330452 mm20 mm22.2 mm20.8 kN0.230 Kg - -
CFF 8 - - - - 0.132 - -
6230 C/410.63 Inch | 270 Millimeter5.906 Inch | 150 Millimeter - - 10.41 - -
23184-K-MB-C4-T52BW-W209B - - - - 350 - -
QMF09J045SM4.3800 in45 mm3.1300 in - 11 lbs - -
23088EKW33C3650 mm440 mm157 mm - 183.000 kg - -
16028210 mm140 mm22 mm22 mm - 22210
NUP3040310 mm200 mm82 mm82 mm - 82310
NU414180 mm70 mm42 mm42 mm - 42180
63801-2RS21 mm12 mm7 mm7 mm - 721


Replacement Bearing of sinking fish feed machine Data List

No.dDWeightMinimum Buy QuantityBCInventory
SBB 4063,5 mm100,012 mm1,85 Kg - 55,55 mm425 kN -
SC850LLB8,000 mm22,000 mm - - 7,000 mm7,000 mm -
DS208TT12 - - 0N/A - - 6.0
QMFY08J108SEM1.5 Inch | 38.1 Millimeter2.75 Inch | 69.85 Millimeter4.54N/A - - 0.0
F4S-S2-300L3 Inch | 76.2 Millimeter3.594 Inch | 91.288 Millimeter7.423N/A - - 0.0
UCFC212-36NP - - 4.794N/A - - 0.0
UC313-402.5000 in5.5118 in - - - - -
1516D 5/8 - - - - 1 in - -
NJ1076-M1A - - - - - - -
LSM75BRHF - - - - - - -
6422110 mm280 mm - - 65 mm65 mm -


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