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Szlh420 3~5t/H Double-Layer Conditioner Sinking Fish Feed Pellet Making Machine Szlh420 3~5t/H Double-Layer Conditioner Sinking Fish Feed Pellet Making Machine Szlh420 3~5t/H Double-Layer Conditioner Sinking Fish Feed Pellet Making Machine

Szlh420 3~5t/H Double-Layer Conditioner Sinking Fish Feed Pellet Making Machine

Product Information:    Sinking fish feed machine uses meat meal,fish meal,corn powder,soya meal and other grains’ powder as mean materials to make the...
  • Szlh420

Szlh420 3~5t/H Double-Layer Conditioner Sinking Fish Feed Pellet Making Machine Description

Product Information:

   Sinking fish feed machine uses meat meal,fish meal,corn powder,soya meal and other grains’ powder as mean materials to make the pet food,like dog,cat,fish,bird food,etc. with different shapes and taste by changing the dies,formulations.The pet foods are made under high temperature condition.

Product Advantages:

1. Gear directly-connecting driving is adopted for high efficiency;
2. The bearing and oil seal in the main drive are imported, resulting in long service life and low equipment noise;
3. Feeder, conditioner and chute are made of stainless steel with long service life;
4. Feeder is variable speed controlled to meet different outputs requirements;
5. The conditioner is more long and thick, built-in steam set could make steam condition cooking material fully, ensure the high quality of the feed;
6. It is with magnet and over load protection system, which can protect machine well during production;
7. New style S shape spring coupling is adopted to obtain big offset travel and further smooth running;
8. It can be fitted multi-layer jacket condition or double differential conditioner so as to meet the different requirements of producing high quality shrimp feed;
9. The special technique dies and shrimp feed knives make that the cropping is more average and the cut is more flat.

Packaging & Shipping
1.Packing machines into wooden cases;
2.Let trucks take containers to our factory for safely loading;
3.Sending to port for boarding and transportation.
4.We also can send machines by air and train.

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Szlh420 3~5t/H Double-Layer Conditioner Sinking Fish Feed Pellet Making Machine Project Price List

Product QuantityMin Price ($)Max Price ($)
Dry Floating Sinking Animal Pet Fish Dog Cat Feed Food Pellet Processing Making Machine 1 Set US87US24
Aqua Feed Pellet Production Line Sinking Fish Feed Machinery 1 Set US10US19
Dry Sinking Fish Dog Pet Feed Pellet Processing Making Machine 1 Set US82US38
40-4000kg/H Small Floating Sinking Fish Feed Pellet Machine 1 Set US34US65
Floating and Sinking Fish Feed Extrusion Machine 1 Set US84US24
2020 Hot Sales Best Quality Feed Pellet Mill Machine for Sales Sinking Fish Feed Pellet Machine 1 Set US60US82


Szlh420 3~5t/H Double-Layer Conditioner Sinking Fish Feed Pellet Making Machine Part Parameters

No.dDBInventoryWeightMinimum Buy QuantityInch - Metric
RF505613505613 mm - 0,018 Kg - -
DE5211260,000 mm369,500 mm92,000 mm - - - -
NU215ECM/HC5C375 mm130 mm25 mm - 1,2 Kg - -
63204ZZ20,000 mm47,000 mm20,600 mm0.0 - N/AMetric
MR 32 BULK2 Inch | 50.8 Millimeter2.563 Inch | 65.1 Millimeter1.25 Inch | 31.75 Millimeter0.00.227N/AInch
QVPX26V407SEB4.438 Inch | 112.725 Millimeter5.82 Inch | 147.828 Millimeter5.75 Inch | 146.05 Millimeter0.032.688N/AInch
3MMVC9114HXVVDUMFS9342.756 Inch | 70 Millimeter4.331 Inch | 110 Millimeter1.575 Inch | 40 Millimeter0.01.207N/AMetric
6204DDUC40.787 Inch | 20 Millimeter1.85 Inch | 47 Millimeter - 0.0 - N/AMetric
UCWTPL202W - - - 0.00.372N/A -
N-221E M C/34.134 Inch | 105 Millimeter7.48 Inch | 190 Millimeter1.417 Inch | 36 Millimeter0.04.41N/AMetric
938-900734.5 Inch | 114.3 Millimeter8.375 Inch | 212.725 Millimeter - 0.021.27N/AInch
F2B-SCEZ-108-SHSS 1.5000 in - - - - - -
N3152260 mm440 mm144 mm - - - -
6413-NR65 mm160 mm37 mm - - - -


Replacement Bearing of sinking fish feed machine Data List

No.dDBWeightInventoryUNSPSCMinimum Buy Quantity
22314EF80070,000 mm150,000 mm - - - - -
KBS4080-PP40 mm62 mm - 0,68 Kg - - -
BS2-2224-2CS5K/VT143120 mm215 mm69 mm9,75 Kg0.023153417N/A
2220K100 mm180 mm46 mm - - - -
5314WGBR2.756 Inch | 70 Millimeter5.906 Inch | 150 Millimeter2.5 Inch | 63.5 Millimeter5.5710.031171531N/A
NU220-E-M1A-C33.937 Inch | 100 Millimeter7.087 Inch | 180 Millimeter1.339 Inch | 34 Millimeter3.740.031171547N/A
7204 CD/PA9ADBAVT1050.787 Inch | 20 Millimeter1.85 Inch | 47 Millimeter1.102 Inch | 28 Millimeter00.031171531N/A
1319-KM C/33.74 Inch | 95 Millimeter7.874 Inch | 200 Millimeter - 6.910.031171532N/A
UCPX1680 mm246 mm to 319 mm102.6 mm - - - -
UGGFDR209-261.6250 in4.7500 in - - - - -
UKFX0520 mm - - - - - -
NKJ38/3038 mm53 mm30 mm - - - -
68/900900 mm1090 mm85 mm - - - -


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